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Most Popular Sing-A-Long Songs

Any Best-Of list is subjective! Which is why we’re not calling this post The Best Singalong Songs. We’re talking about what we see as the most popular singalong songs.

These are songs from popular US recording artists over the past few decades that you reach for when you’re feeling very merry, very drunk, or a little bit of both, and want to break out into song. Or, you’re getting hammered at a karaoke bar and “it is your turn, soon!” These songs can even be heard at karaoke bars when you are on vacation in other countries — in Korea at karaoke bars like you can hear the full lineup of our sing-along songs below!

The best songs tend to lift people up, whether it is the lyrics, the musical beat or the way the vocals are sung. Also, the most popular songs tend to be pretty short in length, and were usually well-known hits during their initial releases.

Here’s our take on the most popular singalong songs, in no particular order. It’s a mix of rock and roll, pop songs, and even some songs with an element of gospel to them.

There you go! That’s our simple take on the most-popular singalong songs, or most popular karaoke songs. We think it is a great list based on what songs have been most popular on our Lyrics website.

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