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Afrobeats Artist Joseph Harmony (AKA JHarmony) Releases Upcoming EP “For4”

Musician Joseph Harmony, whose real name is Joseph Chibuzor Chima, is known for his prowess as a seasoned entertainer, chorister, opera singer, instrumentalist and afrobeats artist. The man can literally do it all from a musical perspective, and he has developed his talents as a musician and performer since he was two years old.

Joseph Harmony has been performing for years, but also goes by the following names:

Jay Harmony

With his recent releases, he has adopted Jay Harmony or JHarmony as his performing name. When asked what motivated him to change and build has brand, he will tell you, “Music most especially is what gets me through most of my days.

With For4, Jay Harmony takes advantage of his distinct smoky voice sound that is trained on classical opera and afrobeats genres. He fuses modern material and instruments with vintage sounds from yesterday to produce a stimulating feeling that tells you, “I am listening to a Jay Harmony song.”

Besides the new For4 EP, he has released other notable tracks including “Luv U,” “KoKoKo,” and “Positive Energy.” He also released a few singles this year, such as “Money” and “Ballin.”

With the release of For4 and its initial success in online streaming platforms, Jay Harmony plans to continue writing and performing more music. He visualizes himself continuing to create songs and beats that will touch the lives of all who listen.

You can hear the new music by Jay Harmony here.