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Want To Sell Your Beats Online? A DecadeLyrics How-To Guide

Are you a great beats creator and want to sell your music online to others? You would be surprised how easy it is to get started selling beats on your own. This can be a great side hustle if you make the right decisions while you start to plan to sell beats online.

Why Do You Make Your Own Beats?

Most beats creators love music. That’s a fact and a no-brainer. Some also try to turn their love of music into a money-making opportunity, while others share their beats because they just want others to feel their music and expression. Either way, when you see a beats creator in the street, they are the ones wearing wireless headphones or high end earbuds from HiFitalo. In fact, they may have bought their headphones using money they made from selling their beats online or hosting a show.

Online Beats Platforms

There are many online platforms that you can use to sell your beats once you have produced them. You need to understand out of the available online options which one will work best for your beats and help achieve your output, budget, and objectives.


You need to know essential things before you start selling your beats online, including licenses, beat store, the beats, email list, YouTube channels, SoundCloud, social media, and customers. All of these will help sell your beats faster and reach your goals faster.

Licensing, beat stores, Youtube channels, SoundCloud and other platforms are all examples of “outside” or “off-site” activities that can bring you customers for your beats. The other key thing to do is to create your own website for selling your beats; the website plays a key role for every successful beats seller.

The following are the main things you must consider for you to sell your beats online.


Join popular beats stores & networks

Many of the instrumental stores usually give software that will help live-stream the beat selling process for you. What you are required to have are the ready-made features. Next, you sign up, develop your profile for your beats selling, upload the beats for sale, and you will start selling the beats immediately after developing all these contents.

The leading beat stores famous for providing beat selling online include:

  • Beat Stars
  • Airbit
  • Soundee
  • Track train
  • X-Cart
  • Soundgine
  • Caketunes
  • ROC Battle
  • Beatwebsites
  • Soundclick.

It is essential to check the right store for your beats in terms of prices and packages and compare between them to find the right one to use in selling your beats online. Not all instrumental stores can fit your beat.


Develop a personal WordPress beats website

The development of the personal website is an important thing when you need to sell your products online. Setting up your own online music store can be challenging for those who lack technical knowledge. The easiest solution is to use wordpress theme for music producers. These themes are tailored for your needs and easy to set up.

You will need to use the website to gather contact information for your email marketing, tell your customers more about your brand and the process you have taken to make your beats.

A lot of time will be spent building up your website, but you need to have it. The reasons you need to build a website to sell your beats online are as follows. It will help in showing your level of professionalism and show the seriousness you have towards your craftwork. The building will help you control your work and brand and show how different buyers buy your beats online.


The website will give you the advantage of keeping the revenues you get from selling the beats online without paying the commission. The website will help in focusing your beats and you alone.

The website also will help you drive traffic to your beats through a search engine. Through the website, you will have the opportunity of growing and maintain your audience. Through this audience, it will be easy for you to come up with the leads.

Use online beats forums and communities

There are many forums where you can get other artists doing the same work as you, and you can compete to see your potential in work. Many people in the community need to buy beats and instruments. Through this, you can sell your products to people quickly and increase the number of your customers.


Sell your beats using SoundCloud.

Soundcloud is also another site where you can sell your beats online. The website has millions of fans who need to buy beats. By posting your beats on this platform, you can get customers who will buy the beats and instruments quickly, thus attracting potential leads.

Showcasing your beats on YouTube

YouTube is known to have over two million different users and over three million searches every month. This stat show makes it the second largest search engine on the internet. Content creators are using YouTube to increase their content fame. Initially, using this platform may be hard for you to sell your beats, but this is the best site to sell once you are famous. Selling beats on this platform will require you to start uploading videos to get viewers, thus attracting the audience to your beats. Your viewers will keep growing as you sell your beats.

Marketing your brand on social media

Billions of people worldwide use social media platforms to communicate with each other and search for what they need to know. Social media platforms also can be used to sell your beats since many people are looking for high-quality beats on these platforms. The secret is to avoid sharing low-quality beats but rather share high-quality beats to attract many customers to purchase your beats. It would help if you showed people what you do perfectly, shared your beat-making experience, and inspired them through different engagements.