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BLACKPINK – Are They The Queens of KPOP?

A Remarkable Journey From Boombayah to Ice Cream

Are you wondering how Blackpink grew to become a big name? Blackpink, a group of four exceptional queens, revolutionized the perception of people the girl groups in KPOP via hard work and persistence. After 6 years of training at YG Entertainment, the Lovesick girls debuted on August 14, 2016.

Millions of Blinks, the fans, light up their Bi-ping-bong BLACKPINK lightstick with two pounding hearts on either side and the band logo supported by a black handle, creating a pink wave and producing pink oceans in the concerts. Because lightsticks foster a sense of mutual trust, a strong bond, and a friendly relationship between fans and artists, Bi-ping-bong has a particular place in Blink’s hearts.

The beautiful lightstick is the trademark of Blinks. Blink’s emotional relationship to their lightstick stems from the girls’ involvement in the creation of this cute Bi-ping-bong for their Blinks. You may buy your own BLACKPINK lightstick and start rocking to Dudu-du ddu-du, Boombayah, or any of the group’s best charting songs from the KPop Omo online store, which sells official gear to BLACKPINK and KPOP fans all over the world.


Out of the 9 originally planned members of the group, only four made it through. Lisa, Rose’, Jisoo, and Jennie, the group’s members, are leading the Korean and global musical worlds on a new path. With their first blockbuster single debut song to the big collaboration with Selena Gomez for their song Ice Cream, Blackpink opened the doors for both Western and Asian female artists to produce music together.

BlackPink Paved The Way For Girl Groups

The girl group set the path for more female groups to follow. They did it by collaborating with famous stars like Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, and Lady Gaga, among others, winning tens of national and international awards, promoting Korean music abroad, and portraying a positive picture of KPOP and Korea. They indeed are the uncrowned queens of the Hallyu wave and KPOP.

Blackpink has never had a single flop song in their career, from their debut single to their most current album. Every song has reached the top of the national and international charts, and they have received over 250 nominations and 176 awards. They received their first prize just six days after their debut, at SBS’s Inkigayo music show.


Blackpink’s unstoppable success and fan support allowed them to become the first girl group to surpass 40 million views on YouTube in their debut MV, the first girl group MV with the most views in 24 hours, the fastest KPOP girl group MV to surpass 400 million views, and continuous record breaks left and right.

The popularity of the lovesick girls from Korea to the global level has cost them their blood, sweat, and tears throughout the journey. Today, the Queens own the throne of Kpop as they direct the path to the rookie groups and make it easier for the budding queens of the industry.




BLACKPINK photo by Robbie Klinkenberg, CC BY-SA 4.0 – Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons