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Streaming Radio: Broadcast Content Now Available All Over The Cloud

Here’s a fresh look at technology that has been around since before television, and over a century before the launch of the Internet. Broadcast radio, the old ‘free’ listening option for the masses, has moved full-force into the realm of subscription streaming.

What’s always been one of the problems with radio? If you miss your favorite radio show because of your schedule or where you live or work, then your only hope was to catch it again if it was re-aired.  Nowadays, more and more radio broadcast networks are making their content available online, as archives, podcasts or episode replays.

Several cloud-based solutions take advantage of the availability of broadcast radio content. is a software platform that lets listeners record and store streaming radio broadcasts as they air. It works sort of like the old DVR technology you may remember, but for radio content instead.  The platform is available on any computer or smart mobile device. It’s a great option for the radio aficionado, and you’ll find a direct connection to broadcaster archives of their content.


This type of use of technology is great for a ton of reasons. Besides making freely available music and news more readily available to lovers of radio media, it also brings broadcast to a much larger population size in countries with adequate Internet infrastructure. Even countries with less total overall access to online content still have options for smart phone users – for example, places like Africa show a high degree of mobile phone users with Internet access. Online-based radio broadcast content now becomes available to them at the installation of a simple app.








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