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“40up” is a slang word that does not have a formal definition in the dictionary. Instead, the term is often used in specific contexts or situations to convey a particular meaning or connotation. The word is often combined with other words to form slang phrases. In slang or informal language, use of 40up is built […]

Trailer parks and mobile homes have long been a staple in popular music lyrics. These themes evoke a sense of nostalgia and romanticism for many listeners, as they are often associated with the working-class or rural lifestyle. In addition to their cultural significance, trailer parks and mobile homes can represent a certain kind of freedom […]

Definition of genipap a tropical American tree of the bedstraw family that yields useful timber. Its fruit has a gelatinous pulp that is used for flavoring drinks and to make a black dye. a drink, flavouring, or dye made from the fruit of the genipapo. What are synonyms of genipap Genip Guinep Melicoccus bijugatus Spanish lime quenepa Marmalade box Genipap fruit Genip fruit […]

Pregnancy brings new challenges and difficulties for women. A lot of things changed and many new tasks appears in this joyful time of nine months. In such a situation, massage can help a lot. Our today article is about, that how massage is beneficial during pregnancy with some safety and a lot more. Read out […]

Basically, rubbing and kneading of the body with the help of hands is known as massage. A massager is always an expert in his task, he/she put pressure on your muscles and body with the help of hands which directly reduces stress and you will feel relaxed. Types Of Massage And Their Benefits Here we […]

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  • Runnin On E ( March 2, 2023)
    If you a bad boy If you a bad boy then you die Westside outlawz when we ride, get me high They fucked up when the rob me Put another contract on Mobb Deep I focus my locus thought on my enemies Sip off the Hennessey it’s necessary to finish me I’m in this social […]
  • Brain Surgery ( March 2, 2023)
    Uh Uh, Oh, Whassup It came to this now huh? We gotta cut mothafuckas like this now right? Uh uh, what? what? hey yo hey yo hey yo Everytime I come around niggaz look at me up and down What the fuck now? Do I gotta get buckwild? My stress is at its all time […]
  • Mighty Crazy ( March 2, 2023)
    Yeah, It’s me! Feels good, Carolina, what up? (Blazing) Fayettenam, what up? Therapist. Yo, ay, Yo! You niggas gotta be outta your rabbit ass mind, A savage over this cabbage, You really think I’m finna let your faggot ass shine? (no) Whipping niggas like big body Cadillacs, I’m on my grind, yo, Bonafide hancho, I […]
  • The Come Up ( March 2, 2023)
    Money coming soon, nigga… I’m on the come up, chill nigga, don’t run up, A yellow nigga finna rise and shine like the sun up, (yea) My mind on that paper, I ain’t tryna wife a slut up, I’m dying for this cake and I ain’t tryna wipe a crumb up, They ride with the […]
  • True Nature ( March 2, 2023)
    Power tripping your luck is switched Oh, so now it’s funny When it’s your turn is to laugh You go poke the running joke! Scoring points with God Get no perfect marks But your grades keep falling How you treat the weak is Your true nature calling Porn chick calls herself a therapist Call it […]
  • Extreme Days ( March 2, 2023)
    We’re livin’ in extreme days Comin’ at ya like a whirlwind A hundred miles an hour’s where we’ll begin I spy the eye of apprehension Show me risk and you’ll get my attention Come on, can ya take it Bang to the bip I make ya wanna flip Take my trip and you can bust […]
  • Ain’t Yo Bidness ( March 2, 2023)
    Rude boy sittin pancaked on 23’s Clown Love to chicago juggalos we underground like Blaze my dead homie and yours we dead we dead, no wait a minute… we don’t die! we don’t die we dead Maybe i like bloody, murder music, you know shit like ” stab your fuckin eye” Maybe i like eatin […]
  • Carry Me Home ( March 2, 2023)
    Used to dream until I stopped writing fiction All right well that’s not true Maybe it ended when I ended competition Because I’d always lose My therapist could never classify conditions Alright whats wrong already My pharmacist had better fill up my prescriptions Here just take two of these and call me in the morning […]
  • The Great Big Disconnect ( March 2, 2023)
    You got God if you paid for it You got sex if you prayed for it And those ever elusive weapons of mass destruction You got Jesus with the palest skin You had Lenin but you wasted him I got sleeping pills that’ll make you wanna call your mama Everyone’s keeping their love far away […]
  • Blood In Blood Out ( March 2, 2023)
    If one does what God does enough times, he becomes as God is If you put it together, you get what you wanted What you desired, if you do it enough times He believes, you become one who is wanted, and desired and accepted, because God has Power And if one does what God does […]
  • Scars ( March 2, 2023)
    Did I say something stupid? There goes one more mistake Do I bore you with my problems? Is that why you turn away? Do you know how hard I’ve tried To become what you want me to be Take me, this is all that I’ve got This is all that I’m not, all that I’ll […]
  • Natalie Marie And 1cc ( March 2, 2023)
    Yeah there’s a method to my madness If only I could find it I could make you safe See there’s a therapist trying to tell me that you are just a figment of my tainted brain No, I believe that you’re not just conjured up No, I believe ’cause I feel it when we touch […]
  • Thrill Of The Kill ( March 2, 2023)
    I’m shakin’ so fast that you could say I’m vibratin’ There’s a sickness in my head a hunger escalatin’ There’s no other ending to this shit so why the fuck I’m waitin’ Hop into the darkness for my homicidal break-in I thought it out for many weeks I even told a reverend But he ain’t […]
  • Time Running ( March 2, 2023)
    I could see you ten or twelve times a day I think it’s best we do it your therapist’s way I grow my hair long and wear big coats, yeah I get so lovesick my sad thoughts float The time you’ve got me running News broke today so we’re not talking I think it’s best […]
  • Calm Down ( March 2, 2023)
    Calm down… calm down… Baby just calm down… (Calm down… ) She use to tell me to… calm down… Moms use to tell me to… calm down… Baby just calm down… She use to tell me to… calm down… Moms use to tell me to… calm down… (She would pray that I would) Baby just […]
  • God Is In The House ( March 2, 2023)
    We’ve laid the cables and the wires We’ve split the wood and stoked the fires We’ve lit our town so there is no Place for crime to hide Our little church is painted white And in the safety of the night We all go quiet as a mouse For the word is out God is […]
  • Godlovesugly ( March 2, 2023)
    I wear my scars like the rings on a pimp I live life like the captain of a sinking ship The one thing that i can guarantee I’m like a stepping razor, i suggest you stay fair with me Been payin dues for a decade plus, Before that i was just another face on the […]
  • Iron Flag ( March 2, 2023)
    Murder one of y’all niggaz.. Get to hurtin one of y’all niggaz.. Bitches, snatch the shirt off one of y’all niggaz … kick dirt Color glocks splitters just listen there’s UFO visitors Fly paintings remainin, reclinin pro-comissioner One boot off he Rudolph, know he hyped flew off Hibernatin, dead in the makin, ear-rake him, gear-rake […]
  • Birthday Girl ( March 2, 2023)
    What is it we wanna doooo.. now that I’m allowed to be alone with you? Bir-thday girl, it’s your birthday Wherever you wanna go Now you’re old enough to go and see the “R”-rated show, now “R”-rated show Yo, she said she was a magazine editor named, Janine Backstage in high-heels and painted-on, jeans Probably […]
  • Weakness ( March 2, 2023)
    Met a fine red boned mami She told me that her name was Lucille Met her on Fountain Avenue Sitting on a Cadillac Coupe De Ville She said, I’m a liar, a thief, a junkie And I used to be a whore And I’ve been trying to shake this monkey So long, I just can’t […]


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