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Released by Joni Mitchell in 1972
From the Album: For The Roses |

This version of Barangrill was released by Joni Mitchell in 1972.

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Three waitresses all wearing
Black diamond earrings
Talking about zombies
And Singapore slings
No trouble in their faces
Not one anxious voice
None of the crazy you get
From too much choice
The thumb and the satchel
Or the rented Rolls-Royce
And you think she knows something
By the second refill
You think she’s enlightened
As she totals your bill
You say “Show me the way
To Barangrill”

Well some say it’s in service
They say “Humble Makes Pure”
You’re hoping it’s near Folly
‘Cause you’re headed that way for sure
And you just have to laugh
‘Cause it’s all so crazy
Ah, her mind’s on her boyfriend
And eggs over easy
It’s just a trick on you
Her mirrors and your will
So you ask the truck driver
On the way to the till
But he’s just a slave
To Barangrill

The guy at the gaspumps
He’s got a lot of soul
He sings Merry Christmas for you
Just like Nat King Cole
And he makes up his own tune
Right on the spot
About whitewalls and windshields
And this job he’s got
And you want to get moving
And you want to stay still
But lost in the moment
Some longing gets filled
And you even forget to ask
“Hey, Where’s Barangrill?”

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About Lyrics and Barangrill by Joni Mitchell

The lyrics for Barangrill are made up of the words, verses and background chorus for the popular 1972 song by Joni Mitchell. Like a lot of songs, the lyrics to Barangrill have both direct meanings and metaphorical context hidden within the song's words. All of the meanings are only truly known by the creators of the lyrics for Barangrill - Joni Mitchell and any of the writers who worked with them on the song.

If you have an interest in the structure of words and phrases, you can dissect the lyrics to Barangrill by Joni Mitchell in multiple ways. The word "lyric" itself derives from the Latin word lyricus, with the actual English word lyrics applied to the definition "words set to music" listed in Stainer and Barrett's 1876 Dictionary of Musical Terms. Continuing the chain, the Latin word lyricus derives from the Greek word λυρικός or lyrikós. This somewhat means "poetry accompanied by the lyre" or "words set to music." You can easily see that by looking at the background of the word lyric, that the "lyrics to Barangrill" means the words set to the music of Barangrill, or poetry accompanied by the lyre played by Joni Mitchell. The singular form "lyric" is still used to mean the complete words to a song. However, the singular form lyric is also commonly used to refer to a specific line (or phrase) within a song's lyrics. Hence, by this analysis of word structure, you could say that the lyric to Barangrill and the lyrics to Barangrill are both one and the same thing. None of this talk about the word Lyrics is really relevant to fans of Joni Mitchell who came here looking just for the lyrics to Barangrill, but we feel it is still fun to learn what's behind commonly used words and lyrics in songs.

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