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Stagger Lee

Released by Grateful Dead in 1978
From the Album: Shakedown Street |

This version of Stagger Lee was released by Grateful Dead in 1978.

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1948, Xmas eve, with a full moon over town
Stagger Lee shot Billy DeLions
And he blew that poor boy down.
Do you know what he shot him for?
What do you make of that?
Cause Billy DeLions threw the lucky dice
Won Stagger Lee’s Stetson hat.

Bayo, Bayo, tell me how can this be?
You arrest the girls for turning tricks
But you’re scared of Stagger Lee.
Stagger Lee is a madman and he shot my Billy D.
Bayo go get him or give the job to me.

Delia DeLions, dear sweet Delia-D
How the hell can I arrest him? He’s twice as big as me.
Well don’t ask me to go downtown, I won’t come back alive .
Not only is that mother big but he packs a .45 .

Bayo, Delia said, just give me a gun
he shot my Billy dead now I’m gonna see him hung.
She went into the DeLion’s club through Billy DeLions blood
Stepped up to Stagger Lee at the bar,
Said, “Buy me a gin fizz, love.”

As Stagger Lee lit a cigarette she shot him in the balls
Blew the smoke off her revolver, had him dragged to city hall
Bayo, Bayo, see you hang him high
He shot my Billy dead and now he’s got to die.

Delia went a walking down on Singapore Street
A three-piece band on the corner played “Near My God to Thee”
But Delia whistled a different tune, what tune could it be?

The song that woman sung was “Look Out Stagger Lee”.
The song that Delia sung was “Look Out Stagger Lee”.

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