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The Right Thing To Do

Released by Carly Simon in 1972
From the Album: No Secrets |

This version of The Right Thing To Do was released by Carly Simon in 1972.

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There’s nothin’ you can do to turn me away
Nothin’ anyone can say
You’re with me now and as long as you stay
Lovin’ you’s the right thing to do
Lovin’ you’s the right thing

I know you’ve had some bad luck with ladies before
They drove you or you drove them crazy
But more important is I know you’re the one and I’m sure
Lovin’ you’s the right thing to do
Lovin’ you’s the right thing

And it used to be for a while
That the river flowed right to my door
Making me just a little too free
But now the river doesn’t seem to stop here anymore

Hold me in your hands like a bunch of flowers
Set me movin’ to your sweetest song
And I know what I think I’ve known all along
Lovin’ you’s the right thing to do
Lovin’ you’s the right thing
Lovin’ you’s the right thing to do
Is the right thing

Nothing you could ever do would turn me away from you
I love you now and I love you now
Even though you’re ten thousand miles away
I’ll love you tomorrow as I love you today
I’m in love babe
I’m in love with you babe.

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You can understand the lyrics to The Right Thing To Do if you take apart the structure of the words. The word "lyric" itself derives from the Latin word lyricus, with the actual English word lyrics applied to the definition "words set to music" listed in Stainer and Barrett's 1876 Dictionary of Musical Terms. Continuing the chain, the Latin word lyricus derives from the Greek word λυρικός or lyrikós. This somewhat means "poetry accompanied by the lyre" or "words set to music." You can easily see that by looking at the background of the word lyric, that the "lyrics to The Right Thing To Do" means the words set to the music of The Right Thing To Do, or poetry accompanied by the lyre played by Carly Simon. The singular form "lyric" is still used to mean the complete words to a song. However, the singular form lyric is also commonly used to refer to a specific line (or phrase) within a song's lyrics. Hence, by this analysis of word structure, you could say that the lyric to The Right Thing To Do and the lyrics to The Right Thing To Do are both one and the same thing. None of this talk about the word Lyrics is really relevant to fans of Carly Simon who came here looking just for the lyrics to The Right Thing To Do, but we feel it is still fun to learn what's behind commonly used words and lyrics in songs.

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