Lyrics to
Ain’t Going Down

Released by Eric Clapton in 1983
From the Album: Money And Cigarettes |

This version of Ain’T Going Down was released by Eric Clapton in 1983.

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Lyrics for Ain’T Going Down

It ain’t no big deal, we’re all lucky to be alive,
I myself don’t believe in luck, or taking chances, I will survive.
Every move I make, every twist and every turn,
You scandalize and humble me, I may be slow but I will learn.

‘Cause I ain’t going down anymore.
No I ain’t going down anymore.
No I ain’t going down anymore.
No I ain’t going down anymore.

If I had my way, I would probably just sit and stare.
Watch the T.V. or read a book, I’d have no reason to be aware,
But I ain’t got time, I just could not live that way.
I’ve got to step outside myself, I’ve still got something left to say.

Channelled in my groove, part of another space and time.
Please allow me to introduce another very good friend of mine.
Some call him fear, some call him righteousness.
I myself ain’t clear, and you can’t force me to make a guess.

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