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Don’t Shoot Shotgun

Released by Def Leppard in 1987
From the Album: Hysteria |

This version of Don’T Shoot Shotgun was released by Def Leppard in 1987.

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Run for cover
(Run for cover)
Don’t shoot! – Shoot!
She’s so dangerous
(Don’t shoot shotgun!)

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right
Fallin’ head over heals at the speed of light
Hey little miss heaven on earth
Whoa, won’t you walk this way but I see a red alert
Oh, my senses say keep away
So don’t shoot!

Don’t shoot shotgun
Dream on nightmare
Touch ‘n’ go
Dove turned destroyer, she cut you up, she’s a slave of love

Run for cover, she’s so dangerous
Undercover, she’s so shameless

Don’t shoot shotgun
You got me bitin’ my lip
Don’t shoot shotgun!
Ya shootin’ straight from the hip

So don’t shoot shotgun
Shoot me, baby!

Hit ‘n’ miss, flesh and blood
She’s sweet and indiscreet, she can’t get enough
A little midnight madness
Oh baby, you can’t hide
So wild ‘n’ unpredictable
Step aside
‘Cos you’re, you’re shooting wide

Run for cover, she’s so dangerous
Undercover, she’s so shameless

Shake it, shake it!
Ah, take this, little hit ‘n’ miss

Don’t shoot it!
Don’t shoot shotgun!
Shake it, shake it!
Aw, take this little hit ‘n’ miss
(Don’t shoot shotgun!)
Oh shoot it!
Don’t shoot it!
Uh, Oh shotgun!
Shoot me, baby!
Let it blow!

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