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Hey Bird

Released by Soul Asylum in 1986
From the Album: Time's Incinerator |

This version of Hey Bird was released by Soul Asylum in 1986.

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Lyrics for Hey Bird

Hey now, hey now bird

A nice little way
A sky so blue
Hey now, hey now bird
Do you have my name
If I could I’d see, all the things you see

Well I try, try, try, try, I want to try to see
I want to try, try, try, try, I want to try to see

Well I feel a little groovy
And so it fills the air
You laugh and cry and sit and watch, you never care
You let me live
How do you get so high
You run and jump and flap your wings

I fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, I want to fly away
I want to fly, fly, fly, fly, I want to fly away

Hey bird
Headin’ down the runway
Will you sing for a hot song
Will you never leave

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