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How Does It Feel To Be Back

Released by Hall & Oates in 1980
From the Album: Voices |

This version of How Does It Feel To Be Back was released by Hall & Oates in 1980.

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Please return, come back, I’ve been saving your place
Too much time has elapsed-unreality-memory erases
The rules and the rights and the wrongs don’t apply
Far apart – So together is destiny weeded to fate
I write the script, you direct my dreams
We’re along on the beach for the passionate scene
And it’s a drag to wake up with you … saying to me
How does it feel to be back in my arms again

I’m bored and alone and it’s weakening me
One night out and I’m looking for trouble and finding it’s easy
You know we all make mistakes and we all need the touch of a hand
In the right kind of place, in a time of need
I could pick up the phone, but the talk ain’t cheap
I pick up on the thoughts that you’re sending to me
And i wait for the day I hear you saying to me
How does it feel to be back in my arms again

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