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Listen To The Radio

Released by Don Williams in 1982
From the Album: Listen To The Radio |

This version of Listen To The Radio was released by Don Williams in 1982.

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I guess as a lover I have a ways to go
When someone wants you they should just say it’s so
But you’ll understand if you’ll take my hand
And then we can dance real slow
To something on the radio.

Listen to the radio
Oh, listen to the radio
‘Let’s spend the night together
Baby don’t go’
They sing it on the radio.

I try to find a way to explain to you
What’s on my mind and not sound so plain to you
But you’ll realize if you close your eyes
The feelings my words can’t show
They’re playing on the radio.

The words I’d say
Don’t seem to sound as real
The songs they play
That’s how I really feel, so.

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