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Thunder Road

Released by Judas Priest in 1981
From the Album: Point Of Entry |

This version of Thunder Road was released by Judas Priest in 1981.

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Thunder Road by Judas Priest gets confused with another song by the same name. 1975’s Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen is a whole different song with an entirely different meaning of Thunder Road than this 1981 tune by Judas Priest.

The song comes from a completely different genre of rock and from an artist with a whole different feel than Springsteen.

Red light, green light
I’m coming home tonight
Burning the freeway
Out of control

Red light, dead lines
We streak from town to town
I’s too much, I need your touch
I’ve been away too long

Out again upon the thunder road
Driving back to you where I belong
I’ve had enough
Dreams can wait
I’m coming home

Spotlights, wild nights
I know it wrong from right
Places, the faces
All look the same

Hot wired, so tired
Living from song to song
The madness, the badness
It’s just a game

Watch the sunrise
From coast to coast
That’s when I need your loving
Oh! That’s when I need it most
Can’t explain, it’s something in the blood
Wouldn’t change it even if I could

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