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Apple Of Your Daddy’s Eye

Released by Peter Cetera in 1995
From the Album: One Clear Voice |

This version of Apple Of Your Daddy’S Eye was released by Peter Cetera in 1995.

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I remember when you were born
I felt like one lucky
Son of a gun

And when you turned into two
I was so happy
When you said I love you

Held you in my arms so tight
I’d never forget
The best years of my life

Apple of your daddy’s eye
Wanna be the one to hold you in the night
Apple of your daddy’s eye
Oh, oh sleep tight
Don’t you worry gonna be alright

I remember when you were three
You were so lovely
So very pretty

And when you turned into four
I finally realized
What God put her here for

If I had my way
Time would stand still
You’d stay as sweet as you are
But time waits for no one
It never will
Your gonna leave me soon enough
I’m just sad ’cause you’re growing up

Held you in my arms so tight
I’d never forget
The best years of my life

Don’t stop ever lovin’ me because
You’re the apple of your daddy’s eye

The song, Apple Of Your Daddy’s Eye by Peter Cetera, is all about a slight variation of a popular saying. When someone talks about a thing being the Apple Of Your Eye or the Apple Of One’s Eye, they are talking about a favorite or beloved person or thing.

The saying is also based on text in the Bible that states that ancient people thought the eye’s pupil is apple-shaped and that the eyes are very precious.

The song in this case is definitely not about food. If you do want to check out information related to apples as a recipe ingredient, a healthy fruit or as a low calorie replacement, you’re going to want to go somewhere else on the web, or find another song that really is about apples.

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