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This version of Stalker was released by Icp (Insane Clown Posse) in 1993.

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Lyrics for Stalker

The stalker
The stalker
I’m gonna stalk this hoochie
I’m gonna stalk this hoochie

So I’m gripping this old peice of shit, right?
Here’s this smoochie poo at the stop light
Ahem, how’s about a date?
Two tickets for the circus, pick you up at 8

Fuck no, you’re a loser

Yeah, but I’ll stick my boot up your ass
Heh heh, but I ain’t nagging
To the next light in my pink volkswagon
Oh, excuse me, ho, but I’m Violent J act like you know

Violent J the country singer?

No, Violent J the southwest gangstero
And the bitch was gone (awww)
So I followed her home (huh?)
Cause I got it going on (ohhhh!)
And I’m in the Haugh (Yep!)
Parked at a spot good enough to hawk her
Things you do when you’s a stalker

“So, what happened?”
“I really don’t like to talk about it, but he ruined my life, I mean he
was everywhere,everywhere I went.”

The stalker

I think that ditso likes me, yeah
She tells you to fuck off with such class!
I think that ditso likes me
Yeah, go on and get that ass!

Well, the stalker stalks his target
Just happened to see her at the super-market
Oh, hi, hey, that peanut butter sucks
You wouldn’t like Jiffy, it ain’t go no nuts
Why don’t you try these?
She ran away scared, and I’m staring at her butt-cheeks
Cause I know she loves me, she wanna tease and tease and rub and dub me

Hi, it’s me
You love me
I love you
“Hello?” “Hello?”

Biggity bop boom!
I’m back in a stone brick house
Candle light dinner and some Mexican chow
Yo, I know she gonna show up
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick, no luck
Peep through her window, jack off in her back yard
Somebody pulled a joker’s card
And you know what joker caught you
Things you do when you’s the stalker

“Are you okay?”
“I don’t know, because I know he’ll be back. He always come back. I’ll
never be able to lead a normal again.”
“It’s okay.”

The stalker

I’m gonna stalk this hoochie (oochie coochie poochie)
I’m gonna stalk this hoochie (smoochie coochie poochie)

I’ve been hawking for about 2 weeks
And I ain’t even got a fucking kiss on the cheek
She with some fuck face!
I’m gonna put that college boy in a neck-brace!
I gotta just chill
She loves me lots, and that’s for real
That night, I snuck in her back door with a bucket of chicken and a bottle
of Faygo
Tip-toe, tip-toe creeping, cause I know my baby’s sleeping
Snuck in the bedroom, look through (aaaahhh!)
She stuck me in the eye with a broom
Pulled it up
Popped my eye back and I can’t find her
Ran through the bedroom, ran through the living room, ran for the
bathroom, gotta take a doo
Now I stress pulling out my hair, I think I heard that bitch up-stairs
Up the steps, wicked clown
Then I hear a clicking sound
Honey, is that you? How’s about a kissy smoochie poo?
Her daddy’s gun to my nugget
Never liked the bitch, anyway, fuck it

“So what’d you do?”
“I tried to run, but he was always right there, just ahead of me.”
“He would always catch me, and hurt me.”

Nah, man
She don’t like me man
Nah, she don’t like me, man
That bitch shot me in the head, man
She shot me in the nugget, man
Nah, she don’t like me, man, she don’t like me
She shot me in the nugget, man
How’s she gonna like me, man?
She shot me in the nugget, dog
She don’t like me, man
Stop it, man, she don’t like me
No she don’t!
Look at my head, man!
She shot me in the forehead, man!
How’s she gonna like me, man?

This ho like me!

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