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Cat Like Thief

Released by Box Car Racer in 2002
From the Album: Box Car Racer |

This version of Cat Like Thief was released by Box Car Racer in 2002.

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I fell down again
But I can’t complain
Another false step
Could drive me insane
I only got myself here to blame
So I shake off the seat and I start again
Oh no I said
I wanna go back
But I can’t win the shit
And I’m gonna stay on track
Yeah, make a deal like that
I keep my head up
But I never react

I wrote it down at least a month ago
16 chapters of one thing you’ve blown
The best thing yet to help you
Through and through that she was
I feel her more than you

Don’t leave
Don’t leave her

I get up
Just to get knocked back down
I sit up
Just to get knocked all around
I wanna say something
But your out of town
I don’t wanna have another
Short down say stand up (hey, yo)
Let’s make it clear follow you home (no)
You were not there you saw him coming (jump)
You disappear home alone every night
Seems so clear you think you see me here
All alone got my crew coming now
One by one
Two by two
Three by three
Four by four
Let’s do some more

Call me back when word is that she’s gone
Cat like thief she stole air from my lungs
Leave me standing on this lonely grave
I dug it out in case she turns away

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(Don’t leave, don’t leave her )

Don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave her

You think you see me
all alone
Got my crew coming
one by one
Two by two
Three by three
Four by four
Let’s do some more

Don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave her

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