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Cliche Guevara

Released by Against Me! in 2003
From the Album: Against Me! As The Eternal Cowboy |

This version of Cliche Guevara was released by Against Me! in 2003.

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And we’ll keep ourselves in a place where it’s easy to hold onto.
And as the last threats came and went; this is the way that wars are played.
Always heading for a front, heading for a front, headed we go.
Into the obscurity of an easy to pass on feeling
Objection is so cliche.

A new way on.
A new way on.
A new way on.
A new way on.

So can your pop sensibilities sing me the end of the world?
Turn gunshots and mortar blasts into a metaphor of how we are all the same.
Well there’s a lot of things that should be said, said, so we’re hammering six strings.
Machine gun in audible voices, this is the party we came for.

A new way on.
A new way on.
A new way on.
A new way.

We stand in amazement of motion in a world that is constantly revolving.
With plans of invasion and arms races racing, yeah we rock, we rock, we rock, we rock to the new sensation.

A new way on.
A new way on.
A new way on.
A new way on.

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