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Released by Animal Collective in 2008
From the Album: Water Curses |

This version of Cobwebs was released by Animal Collective in 2008.

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With your head in a noose and a grape on a knife
Found you some breakfast or adventuring eye
You smell trouble, well, how should we get some sleep?

When the last of the notes dries dead below skies
Poems about poisonous berries and vines
I’ve built a home out of the fire of nature burning up your sheet

You know, I wore mistakes so I’d feel alive
Unearthed perfection a number of times
Driftwood unrefurbished sounds more like paradise to me

Oh, the stones’ll start talking, bad weathers a sign
Hunters and robbers that drip blood in fall time
The cornstalk told me, “Better run while the earth holds this heat”

We’ll come out in the night
Everybody we know
We’ll be laughing and singing
And there won’t be no fighting

We’ll come out in the night
While the lasers are firing
And our babies are gurgling
And our elders are wobbling

We’re not going underground
Are you going underground?
I’m not going underground

But the negative pressure is pushing me down
Are you going underground?
I’m not going underground

But we say get to it, just to make the sound
Are you going underground?
I’m not going underground

We’re not going underground
Are you going underground?
I’m not going underground now

Cobwebs! Cobwebs!
They took my home, I’m in disoriented glee
Cobwebs! Cobwebs!
They blocked the path that was connecting you and me
Cobwebs! Cobwebs!
It’s a sticky case the more I move the less I’m free

Ever since I was a boy I found new ways to view my porridge
Sometimes electric, organic like strawberry meat

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