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Cold Places

Released by Ice Cube in 2008
From the Album: Raw Footage |

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This version of Cold Places was released by Ice Cube in 2008.

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I appreciate a song that speaks to the realities of life and the struggles faced by many. “Cold Places” by Ice Cube is one such song that has caught my attention with its powerful message and poignant lyrics.

Released in 2000, “Cold Places” is a hip-hop track that explores the theme of poverty and the challenges faced by those living in disadvantaged communities. The song’s haunting melody and Ice Cube’s powerful flow set the tone for the song’s poignant lyrics, which speak to the universal experience of struggle and survival.

Through his lyrics, Ice Cube speaks candidly about the harsh realities faced by those living in poverty, from the struggle to provide for oneself and one’s family to the desperation and violence that can arise from living in a world where survival is not guaranteed. The song is a reminder of the importance of empathy and understanding, and of the need to fight against the systemic issues that perpetuate poverty and inequality.

“Cold Places” is a powerful reminder of the impact that music can have on our understanding of the world and our ability to connect with others. Ice Cube’s lyrical skill and ability to convey complex emotions through music make the song a standout in the hip-hop genre, and a testament to the power of music to inspire change and promote understanding.

As a music enthusiast, I highly recommend giving “Cold Places” a listen. It is a powerful and poignant track that speaks to the struggles faced by those living in disadvantaged communities. The song is a reminder to embrace empathy and understanding, and to fight for a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Here’s the lyrics to “Cold Places”

To all my people goin through it on a daily basis
And it seem like the world is full of cold places
Keep yo’ head up, fuck what they said cause
you can do it and the man will get you through it
I believe that, homey I believe that
If I can picture that, I’ll bring a picture back

They say “Gangster, gangster! Tell me how you do it
How you get through it and them other niggaz blew it”
I keep my eye on the prize then pursue it
Chase it like a cheetah chuck it out and subdue it
So self-educate, nigga don’t hate
Cause the game I got, is Madden oh-eight
Fuck with Cube, I’m better than YouTube
Fuck with them dudes them niggaz is new school
The game don’t change just the players
The rhymes don’t change just the fuckin rhymesayers
(Hahahaha!) They make it up as they go along
But I’m goin on 25 years strong
The shit I say might get you through the day
Or change your whole life, in a major way
The shit they say, might catch you a case
The shit I say, feel like your birthday

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You know what? Momma said it’d be days like this
Straight hell on earth, but come up out the abyss
She said “Don’t let ’em see you crawl, don’t let ’em see you fall
All they wanna do is laugh when you tear your drawers”
It’s a cold world nigga bring a bomber jacket
If it’s another hustle out there I’ma crack it
Fuck the new dance I’ma learn how to eat
Get my mind right, stay up out these fuckin streets
They keep callin me
They keep callin, all the lil’ homies keep fallin
In them same traps niggaz cain’t figure out
In the fast lane boy but the bridge is out
Make my blood boil, get yo’ life spoiled
Get you in the system, get you in the soil
And your funeral was sponsored by Unocal
Saw you UVN, nigga digital

I know, it’s fucked up how they do us
Pretend they really care, but then they Jerry Lewis
Take that money that was allocated to us
Put us in some fucked up trailers then sue us
Watchin Katrina, is worser than Ike & Tina
See New Orleans get bitchslapped by FEMA
Louisiana got racist-ass politics
Free the Jena Six (NIGGA FREE THE JENA SIX~!)
Your honor, Osama, Obama
Even, yo’ momma, ain’t fuckin with my comments
They want us to quit, forget
And not give a shit about these sick-ass politics
A lunatic is in the White House
Make me wanna go do a lick right now
But they’ll make a nigga bow down
in the penitentiary, a billion dollar industry

I believe that, homey I believe that
If I can picture that, I’ll bring a picture back

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