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Front Row

Released by Toby Lightman in 2004
From the Album: Little Things |

This version of Front Row was released by Toby Lightman in 2004.

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Did I see you winking?
Or is that me thinking…
Should I show affection
To the guy in the front row?
Did I see you smile,

‘Cause you been here for a while…
Should I make a connection
With the guy in the front row?

But you don’t know where I’m from,
Where I belong,
All you know is my name…
And you only know what you see,
And that really isn’t me,
But I’m glad that you came…

Are you making passes
While I’m pleasing the masses
Well, I know all about you,
You’re the guy in the front row
Are you trying to distract me?
While you try to attract me?
But I know what to do
About you, in the front row

So when I turn around
Stop looking down
See you on the ground
But I’m love bound
Gotta place to be
Wanna to hang with me
Hope you can see
You’re my destiny
I see your love coming out
I know what you’re all about
But there’s nothing I can do right now

Just let me say
It’s been a good day
So don’t ruin it
By running away
‘Cause I just might
Put up a fight
To be with you tonight
I know it’s not right.

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What’s going on in my mind?
What you helped me find?
But I’ll get through to you somehow…

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