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$$$ Girlz

Released by Young Gunz in 2004
From the Album: Tough Luv |

This version of $$$ Girlz was released by Young Gunz in 2004.

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Rich girl, and you’ve come too far
Cause you know it don’t matter anyway
You can rely on the old mans money
You can rely on the old mans money
Rich girl, but your going too far
Cause you know it don’t matter anyway
You can say money but it wont get ya too far, get ya too far

Yea you a rich girl, girl
And you living in that rich girl world
Well bitch I’m a pimp, baby it’s the Roc
I’m the baby from the block
They can hate they cant fade us
Long as the ladies wanna die
If is the ladies holla, who is ya baby father?
Don’t jump out the pocket
I jump out n pop it
Were back at you soldier
Matter fact, I told ya
I showed ya u know if like it
And after that it’s over, that’s it for him
Bills leave it upon him
If I decide to come, kids leaving them on him
Cheating all on him visa spending it on me
And it’s cool whenever C come, leaving it on him
Chea, that’s what I like about ya
Keeping it young and in order
My number one supporter
Girl that’s why I write about ya
Well stick wit him, I’m broke as you
We’ll both be cool long as u a do you’ll be labeled as a

Yo I went from bad girl to rich girl
That girl, to this girl
I ain’t care if that girl was his girl
That girl would get twirled
Rapped up in a pimp swirl
I was laying my mack down, for shizzerl
I was laying the pipe in every lady
I liked up in the 80’s
My life was really crazy
Hey ma, wassup?
I been like dis since the 80’s
You still a gold digger
Living off ya own nigga
He was a O-G, living off of O-G’s
He got killed you started sniffing through his O-G’s
Ho please, no we don’t spend no g’s on you so leave
Let’s roll we move like goldie and the mack do
My homie got the mack through, that’s just in case ya man want it
You should roll wit some homies that’ll back you
Poke it in ya back too maybe you’ll live like a

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Yo play ya cards right
You might last long
Trust I fucks ’em and duck ’em
Baby my arms strong
Straight brush ’em off the collars
I ain’t got no baby momma’s
I’m young wit none
That’s just a bunch of drama
You won’t have me caught up
No child supporters
Paying them lawyers
Cover the orders
I need one to help get it across the border
Real way I ain’t talking about the borders
And when I’m done help me move out on the corners
The law around she be tucking a toast up on her
Make me put it on ya tryna see where ya cake at
Ya bake that ya fish girl, Juelz take that, take that
Give me the drop and we gettin them a-tacks
Shut up and take these stacks
And don’t give me no face back
No, bucky don’t play that
I do what I does
Keeping this between them
And I show em no love
Cause your a

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