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Is This Right

Released by Toby Lightman in 2004
From the Album: Little Things |

This version of Is This Right was released by Toby Lightman in 2004.

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Love is like taking the hand from a man you just met on the street
You don’t know what he’s about, and he walks to his own beat
And he, takes you on a journey that you can’t really define
But you know it might be worth it, you know it’s not a waste of your time

Love is like diving into an ocean that is certainly too deep
To feel, the sand in your toes, and the bottoms of your feet
But for, some strange reason you stay cold and wet
‘Cause you know deep down that you haven’t seen, the best of it yet
And all the while you wonder…

Is this right? How do we know
If we never been here before?
Is this right, how do we know
Should we take a chance tonight, take the chance tonight
Should I be sitting by your side, for the rest of your life
Is this right, how do we know?
How do we know?

Love is like jumping from the top of the highest mountain
Just to feel, the freedom of no boundaries and the wind in your hair
And you fly on and on, you fly up to the moon
‘Cause this freedom will bring you ecstasy, and you know you’re gonna feel it soon
And all the while you wonder…

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All I had to do is paint a picture of you in my mind
And I held on tight
Just one look at you I know everything’s gonna be all right
And so I’m ready this time.

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