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Leave The Tags On

Released by Trill Fam in 2007
From the Album: Trill Entertainment Presents: Survival Of The Fittest |

This version of Leave The Tags On was released by Trill Fam in 2007.

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Fuck Poppin Dem Tags
Leave The Tags On
Fuck Poppin Dem Tags
Leave The Tags On
Fuck Poppin Dem Tags
Leave The Tags On
Fuck Poppin Dem Tags
Leave The Tags On

I’m In Buildin But I Ain’t Come 2 Brag Homes
I Come 2 Flash My New Swag With The Tags On
U See This Outfit
It Cost 6 Sumthin
I’m On A Mission To Collision
With A Thick Sumthin
Webbie Told Me Jus Go Head And Pick Sumthin
He Got His Tags Swangin
Claimin We Gon Flip Sumthin
She Got That Ain’t No Tellin Ass
So I’m a Pass
But She On Her A Game Mane Look At Her Tags
U She The Fitted Cap Still Got The Stickers On It
The Black Mac Look Good As A snickers don’t it
This The Real Lacoste Lil Daddy U Want It
Well Go Buy U One Make Sho U Leave The Tags On

If U Paid For It (Leave The Tags On)
If Somebody Stole It (Leave The Tags On)
If It’s Brand New (Leave The Tags On)
If U Comin Thru (Leave The Tags On)
If It’s Over A Hun (Leave The Tags On)
U Got The Only One (Leave The Tags On)
If Yo Swagger Is Sick (Leave The Tags On)
If U A Bad Bitch (Leave The Tags On)

I Got That Brand New Monte Carlo
And I Left The Tags On It
28 Up In The Window And I Put Half On Em
I Got Tags On My Tennis Shoes
Tags On My Benz To
Tags On My Lil Whole Lacoste Shoot
That’s How I’m Rockin
I Don’t Pop My Collar
I Pop The Banks I Told U One Time
Told The People At The Cleaners
Leave The Tags On All Mine
Showin What My Watch Worth
What My Bottom And Top Worth
All Togetha 20 G’s
Nothin But Fuckin Starburst
My Bauds Showin 69
Throwback 450
The Weed I’m Smokin 800
Or U Can’t Hit It
Them Tags On Ya Pants
Gon Do The Ratchet Dance
U Ain’t Gotta Do It I Do It Cause I’m The Ratchet Man
So U Ain’t Gotta Ask Me Man
Wat I Paid For This And That
It’s On The Shirt It’s On The Hat
If It Ain’t I’m Showin Slack
Is That Them Real Spinners Yea Cause They Goin Bac
Background All Black
7 Stacks For That
(?) Hat Like Gucci
Throwback With Lil Boosie
And Asylum Finna Shoot A Movie
I Keep My Tags On My Coogi
I’m a Big Boy Baby
Got Them Boosie G-Nikes And They Straight Special Made

I Hit The Club In Sum Raw Ass Lacoste
Everybody Lookin Cause I’m Already Popped Up Doin My Thing
I Got Alligators All My Shoe Strings
I Stay With The New Thangs
And Throwback Like Patrick Ewing
A Nigga Wonder Where U Be Shoppin At
And How U Be Coppin That
And Starin At U When U Be Rockin
A Kobe Bryant Middle School Throwback
Make Em Pull Out They Kodak
Wonderin Where They Hoe
Keep The Tags On Show How Much U Paid For That
Keep The Tags On Like That Bitch About 2 Go Back
Look I Keep My Tags On My Shirt
Keep My Tags On My Pants
I Show Them Hoes My Tags
I Ain’t Even Gotta Brag
Got My Name In My Mouth
U Can See It When I Laugh
Lil Mama U Rockin Prada
Make Them Otha Hoes Mad
If U Paid 500 Fuck It Gon Show Ya Tags
I’m Stuntin So Hard I’m In The Club With My Damn Bag

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