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My First Punk Song

Released by Box Car Racer in 2002
From the Album: Box Car Racer |

This version of My First Punk Song was released by Box Car Racer in 2002.

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24 to nothing and i’m at the intersection,
waiting for the light that’s green,
waiting for a reason,
take them all and stack them up,
not in my collection,
hit them all and watch them fly
fuck them all and watch them drown,
what is with these bands that keep comin’ with their politics,
they never went to school to find out that they were full of shit,
didn’t really either,
but fuck i guess it really doesn’t matter,
you took this time to listen to me,
so i’ll say hey i fucked your brother,

there’s one problem,
i got brownies,
from your mother,
it gave me syphilis… i got no dick!

there’s one problem,
i got brownies,
from your mother,
and it gave me syphilis… i got no dick..

fuck yeah!

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