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One Day

Released by Kyprios in 2004
From the Album: Say Something... |

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One day, Kyprios, One Day, Swollen Members, Drop It

One of these days, you will lift up from me

Ever wonder how one day its a blessing
The next a curse?
What you do in a day,
Effects the whole Universe,
Its mysterious,
But here it is, energy swells,
From lands full of sands to the liberty bell,
From advanced organisms to single cells,
From those living in heaven to those dwelling in hell,
Yesterday, talkin yourself our toll prevail,
The power of 24 hours can change and compell
This is crazy,
Yo, it gets stanger still,
One day child is born with a brain to build,
One verse at a time,
I live mine through music
One day a teacher, but always a student
One Day

My days run quicker than am track,
Momentum got me movin so stand back
Cuz dads back to his bad self baby,
Never let a little stipulation make me crazy
It aint worth it,
Interrupt to make it perfect,
Built to exact measurements
Like my verses
Its me versus the world and all its curses
Serpents workin the evil im not a servant
Im burdened by the fact im on my own track
Phone back cuz im busy
Im really a lone cat
Despite my band, my group, im out the loop
Are we superior and ready to count this loot?
Lets go!

One love, one sun,
Wonder where your time is goin when your under the gun
Igot one fight, one breath,
I think ill breathe a little deeper
Til I got out the left
Im a breath away from death, every time that I speak
I need to keep my breathing in tune
To what I believe
I take the seasoning, I take the reasoning
With beautiful talk, I am the rock
To knock the thought out your dream box
You see your life to be yourself in this
Dont forget all of that and get selfish
Im a gift from the sky, for the myths, be i
I aint missing anyhting ill live it to the day I die

One day I went platinum but thats the trouble with one day
Cuz the next day I wanna double it, then triple it
Im sittin here trippin wit keepin this ridiculous
Predicament im caught in
I wana take a break but I dont wanna be forgotten
So im plottin and sceaming wit screaming deamons
Runnin through my mind, nightmares, and daydreamin
Thats how those compare
So now is drunk
Talkin bout the moments
Worth trashin
At least I cant remember the shit that was embarassing
Mood swings extreme highs and lows
One day we’ll see the light but we still got miles to go

Ill make you runny,
Catch me on the runway
Saturday, Sunday, find me in the sunrays
Thats all I got to say, sometimes its funny
That I can feel this way
Ill make it One Day, oooo.

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