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Rags To Riches (At The Beep)

Released by J. Cole in 2007
From the Album: The Come Up |

This version of Rags To Riches (At The Beep) was released by J. Cole in 2007.

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Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system

Damn, broke is a bad joke but still I laugh though
Frontin’ trynna have hope, it’s sad though
I’m tired of being broke as shit
I’m seeing other niggas ball and I’m like 0 for 6
Ay man I just graduated, good old college degree
Shit, my niggas drug dealing seen more dollars than me
I know my calling, it’s in my blood to do this music thing
Won’t be that illest nigga that you never knew his name
I’m looking at these fake A&R’s like “you a lame-
That boy a genius and you ain’t even listen, man you insane”
But you’ll see though, just what the hell a nigga bout’ to be though
So give me one year then play this back like T-VO
Cause boy I’m fein’n blow I’m a mothafucking torpedo
The music’s in my blood so watch these niggas turn mosquitoes
Uh, I play the villain and the hero, some grow man shit
Feel like a god’dam kid, man I’m Pac and BIG
(What up?) “Up” is something that I can’t give
Won’t see me disappear like the old Ant Viv
Cause even on a slow jam I’m so damn sick
Man I even spread a virus to a program-quick
I gotta focus on my flow and get some doe man, shit
No dollars got me acting like I got no damn sense
But peace to my broham’s and my ex lady
Yea we’ve been complicating things with the sex lately
Maybe I’m being selfish-but naw I can’t help it
Cause girl we go back like a throwback Celtics-jersey
Regardless of where God lead us,
Just know that I was Martin and you was my Gina
Uh, but I’m through living in the past Lord
No more thinking rewind and more fast forward
Less rearview mirror and more dashboard
I’m visualizing cash and stamps on a passport
That CLS with a full tank of gas for it
Cop my momma a whip nigga he didn’t even ask for it
Wise enough to know that money can’t buy you happiness or loveers
But it’s gon get my momma out the struggle
Wise enough to know that money can’t buy you happiness or lovers
But it’s gon get my momma out the struggle
Said I’m wise enough to know that money can’t buy you happiness or lovers
But it’s gon get my momma out the struggle nigga

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Yeah uh!
Uh huh
I’d like to welcome ya’ll to

My life, my life, my life, my life in the sunshine
(My life in the sunshine, ok yeah)
Everybody loves the sunshine (This is the come up nigga, uh)
Sunshine (Ayo real quick man)
Everbody loves the sunshine
(Ya’ll better pardon this experience man, the come up)
(While we gettin’ outta here, I just wanna give a few shout outs man)
Sunshine (First and foremost man, my fam man my mother my brother man)
Folks get down in the sunshine (God nigga, yes god nigga)
(For real my brothers from ‘nother mothers man, RJ man)
Sunshine (Mike Shaw, what it is man, DreamVille all day, we not…)
Folks get down in the sunshine (We callin’ that shit Fayattenam niggas)
(But we also callin’ that shit DreamVille
Nigga you got a dream, you can get the fuck up outta yo situation nigga
Shout out to By Any Means, my nigga E-Ro man
Them Two Nice Niggas man
All the way, all terrain music all day)
There’s trees and plants and flowers (It’s a beautiful life man)
(Froms rags to riches, watch me man)
There’s trees and plants and flowers (From rags to riches)
There’s trees and plants and flowers (Uh yeah)

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