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Released by R Kelly in 2007
From the Album: Double Up |

This version of Ringtone was released by R Kelly in 2007.

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The story behind Ringtone by R Kelly

The song Ringtone appears as an international bonus track for the US, Japan, Canada, Australia, Russia and the UK, and as an iTunes bonus track on the R. Kelly album Double Up, released in 2007 by Jive Records and Zomba Label Group. The album has guest appearances and collaborations with Swizz Beatz, The Runners, Snoop Dogg, Khao, Nelly, Chamillionaire and Polow da Don.

This song was created during a craze in custom ringtones, a time when people would blast their favorite tune from their flip phone. The industry for ringtones reached its heights in 2004 or so, when the purchase of custom ringtones online reached a $4 billion industry.

The release of the iPhone and other advanced mobile devices drained the popularity of custom ringtones. The original iPhone had simple ways to make a ringtone from any song available on iTunes, and other manufacturers soon copied the technology. The sales of custom ringtones began to plummet.

You can still download ringtones today, but there are not as many providers and it is not nearly as possible as it used to me.

Polow Da Don

It’s Kells! Haters start your engines!

4’5″, lookin fly
Flo-flo-flossin in that white L-I
Shawty checkin fo’ a playa
Like she wan’ hop in wit a playa
Girlfriend on some hatin shit
She like shit, that’s Kells, bitch
And then I stop like, real nice!
Scooped them up like, hitch hike!
Th-th-then I let ’em come with me
Step up in the club with one on each sleeve
Doug E. Fresh kid, ’bout to spend that cheese
And after that you know they gon’ leave with me
We out of here, get ’em to the crib
Straight to the mansion, show ’em how I live
An-an-and you can tell that the sex is major
Cause only one day later

They got Kells on they ringtone (ringtone)
I hear Kells on they ringtone (ringtone)
They got Kells on they ringtone (ringtone)
They got Kells on they ringtone (ringtone)
All the shorties got Kells on they ringtone (ringtone)
I hear Kells on they ringtone (ringtone)
All the honeys got Kells on they ringtone (ringtone)
I hear Kells on they ringtone (ringtone)

Hold up, ya phone if you got me on ya ringtone

Let me take you shoppin babe
Meet me right by Macy’s babe
Leave your purse, I’m crazy paid
Wa-wa-walk in and go crazy babe
I’m tellin you money ain’t a thing to me
Kells spend it on you like wheels on jeeps
Then after the mall to the Ritz we creep
Sex, put it on you like shoes on feet
Money stacked, club hoppin
Leanin back, be-be-beat droppin
All night, non stoppin
Club close, we popped and lockin
Y’all goin to the spot from here? (Yessir)
Is there an afterparty after this? (Yessir)
Are y’all takin them honeys with? (Yessir)
Are y’all on some ol’ freaky shit? (Yessir, yup!)

Hold up, ya phone if you got me on ya ringtone
Hold up, ya phone
Ay, wait a minute!

You play me in your car and you play me in your home
Now it’s time to download Kells on your ringtone
From ghetto girls, college girls, all the way to strippers
To fire ‘dro smokers and all the Henny sippers
Big chip spenders, big money tippers
At the bar takin shots with my niggaz
No fake niggaz, no hatin niggaz
But shots of Patr?n for all my real niggaz
Girls in the hotel gettin it on and
they ain’t leavin ’til 6 in the mornin
The superstar chick’s too drunk to drive home
Wake up next day and uhhh (ha ha ha)

Hold up, ya phone if you got me on ya ringtone
Ha ha
Get money!

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