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Watch This? Our 2021 Ad Revenue Bought Us a Cheetah…Watch

We had what we consider a great year at Decade Lyrics! In our first full year of operations, we finished up the year with more money than we spent!

Our biggest expense as a lyrics and music website is content licensing – it’s how we are able to legally list the lyrics of 145,000+ songs from the 1950s to the present. Our hosting, technology and marketing expenses are optimized to a minimum due to the nature of our ownership. It is actually easy for the Decade Lyrics website to survive and expand with very little advertising and sponsorship income.

In our first partial year of operations, we had enough left over to put it into our SEO program in the first quarter of 2021. That investment paid off, as we saw a huge traffic increase in the latter parts of this year.

This year, we had enough left over to buy gifts for our regular contractors and some of the organizations we are trying to build partnerships with. We went with military-style watches by Cheetah. They look great and have an image of being really expensive, when most models are actually under $100 USD.

Why watches? Especially non-smart watches? We wanted a unique gift that was shiny and different. Not everyone even wears watches anymore due to their phone always being in their hands. We just needed a way to tell our contractors and upcoming new relationships that we had a ‘great time’ with them in 2021 and are looking forward to more valuable time together in the new year.

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It seemed like a great idea when we bought the watches! We hope everyone loves them. We picked out Cheetah after reading about the watch manufacturer in this perfect men’s watches guide.