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A lyric is a set of verses and choruses that make up a complete song, It can also mean a set of words that make up a poem. A lyric usually uses a single speaker or performer who expresses their thoughts, emotions or other messaging. Lyrical poems on the other hand, which are often memorable for their rhythm, are also aesthetically pleasing to the ear and are easily put to music.

The word "lyric" derives originally rom the Greek word “lyre,” which is an instrument that was played while reading a poem. Lyrical poets histoirically demonstrated their specific moods and emotions through words designed to create a feeling. Such moods express a range of emotions including life, love, death, or other experiences of life.

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Streaming Radio: Broadcast Content Now Available All Over The Cloud

Here’s a fresh look at technology that has been around since before television, and over a century before the launch of the Internet. Broadcast radio, the old ‘free’ listening option for the masses, has moved full-force into the realm of subscription streaming.

What’s always been one of the problems with radio? If you miss your favorite radio show because of your schedule or where you live or work, then your only hope was to catch it again if it was re-aired.  Nowadays, more and more radio broadcast networks are making their content available online, as archives, podcasts or episode replays.

Several cloud-based solutions take advantage of the availability of broadcast radio content. is a software platform that lets listeners record and store streaming radio broadcasts as they air. It works sort of like the old DVR technology you may remember, but for radio content instead.  The platform is available on any computer or smart mobile device. It’s a great option for the radio aficionado, and you’ll find a direct connection to broadcaster archives of their content.

This type of use of technology is great for a ton of reasons. Besides making freely available music and news more readily available to lovers of radio media, it also brings broadcast to a much larger population size in countries with adequate Internet infrastructure. Even countries with less total overall access to online content still have options for smart phone users – for example, places like Africa show a high degree of mobile phone users with Internet access. Online-based radio broadcast content now becomes available to them at the installation of a simple app.






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DeeGi Produces Viral TikTok Song – “Why Don’t We” By DISTANT PKWY

DeeGi’s Origins

DeeGi is an American record producer, musician, songwriter, and recording engineer born in Detroit, MI. A rap fan since his youth in the 1990s and early 2000s, DeeGi has been producing music since high school. A longtime fan of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tupac, Biggie, and Eminem, he always knew he wanted to be a part of the creative process of making music.

Inspired by Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III and Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreak, he bought his first beat machine and began making his own beats. At first, he would try to emulate the sounds and rhythms he heard on these records, but over time he began developing his unique sound as he honed his production skills. DeeGi also plays several instruments in addition to mixing and mastering songs. Contrary to his origins, he doesn’t only produce rap music but has a catalog including pop, dance, house, and R&B in addition to hip-hop music.


“Why Don’t We?”

DeeGi’s recent collaboration with DISTANT PKWY, “Why Don’t We?” was released earlier this year. DeeGi combines punchy pop drums and a smooth guitar riff that entices the listener. Though the beat is highly complex and intricate, it is not overproduced by any means. DISTANT PKWY’s melodic vocals cut through the mix and beg the curious question “Why Don’t We?”. You can find links to the track on Spotify and Apple Music here.

The Future For DeeGi And How To Follow Along

Undoubtedly, DeeGi possesses the production quality of an industry professional with a decades-long career and has the longevity to build upon that foundation immensely. To follow along on his journey, check out his DeeGi producer page here!



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Is Online Gambling Allowed in China?

When it comes to Online gambling, China has a long history. It is known as the country where some of the most popular games like Pai Gow and Keno originated (if you’re not familiar, check out this guide to casino games). Since the Communist Party took control of the country in 1949, online gambling has become illegal, but the country’s gambling market is currently generating around $4 billion on an annual basis.

So far, the only legal forms of online gambling in China are two government lotteries sports lottery and welfare lottery. The rest of the gambling has been officially declared illegal under the country’s laws. Legal gambling operations are currently only offered in the Special Administrative Regions of Macau and Hong Kong, whose legal systems are similar to those of the European countries that ran them in the past.

History of gambling regulation in China

Gambling policy has been developed in China over a long period of time. According to Chinese history, such games were played thousands of years before the Han era (206 BC – 220 AD). It is proven that some of the earliest versions were in China and date back to the 4th century BC.

Early Gambling Laws

Gambling is considered to have existed long before the Qing Dynasty (221-206 BC). Sports betting was also one of the most popular forms of gambling activities in the country, especially considering the fact that it was the time when one of the oldest forms of football (soccer) was established.

There is also early evidence of laws prohibiting gambling dating back to the Wei Kingdom (403-225 BC). During the period when gambling activities were declared outside the law, monetary fines were imposed. During the Tang Dynasty, gambling had reached the entire community.

Additionally, sports were probably the most common type of gambling activity, along with tile, dice, and card games. Penalties for illegal gambling activities began as monetary fines, but later included military service as well. Punishments for gambling on military or officials were stricter.

All this can make the online gambling fan in China turn into a ball of stress. Here’s your online gambling survival kit from Decade Lyrics!


As mentioned earlier, gambling is officially illegal in China. All forms of online gambling have been banned in the country except for lotteries since 1949. Punishments for breaking the law are severe and include fines and imprisonment.

Two lotteries operate in mainland China – the Chinese Sports Lottery and the Chinese Welfare Lottery.

The Chinese Sports Lottery Administration Center is currently under regulation by the General Administration of Sports. The State Council has authorized it to issue lottery tickets since 1994. On the other hand, the Ministry of Civil Affairs regulates the Chinese Social Welfare Lottery Issuance Center. The latter was authorized to issue lottery tickets by the State Council in 1987 and has been offering such tickets ever since.

The Chinese lottery market is booming. The industry was estimated to total $40 billion in 2012, placing it second only to the United States. The market has expanded rapidly since 2007.

Betting on horse racing has always been popular among the Chinese. Despite the ban on betting on activities, such races are still organized on the territory of China. It was officially legalized in 2008. The government is currently considering legalizing betting on horse racing, but the process is rather slow.

Online gambling destinations and games like the Gate of Olympus slots do show a high % of their traffic deriving from China, and do show what looks like a decent share of native Chinese users and customers.

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Vietnamese Online Gambling – Can You Play or Not as a Local?

Gambling has been illegal since the 1940’s in Vietnam, with the only legally sanctioned gambling being tied to the statewide lottery system. This was consistent until the end of the 20th century.

In an attempt to end some of the various huge illegal gambling rings that were still running in Vietnam, the government began to legalize certain forms of gambling. This was a move to push out the illegal gambling rings by making certain types of games legal.

Vietnam legalized locally run games of chance in 2017 and has more than 8 casinos open for foreigners. Local Vietnamese are only allowed to enter the casinos if they can show a monthly income exceeding a certain level. This is done to combat casinos taking advantage of the poor Vietnamese population.

Sports betting with government control was legalized in 2018.

There is still a country-wide ban on online gambling by the Vietnamese government, but with much confusion about if you can actually gamble online or not. The country sanctions horse racing and lotto games on a physical basis – you can only gamble at select locations and racetracks.

The ban on online gambling keeps investors, foreigners and locals from launching online casinos in-country, leaving Vietnamese who wish to gamble at home forced to do it illegally, relying on online casino sites and sportsbooks that are tailored to Vietnamese but hosted outside the country by foreign companies.

Online slots providers do show a good amount of traffic and users coming in from Vietnam and other parts of Asia. There is a massive population base in Asia of course, the culture in general does tend to accept physical in-person gambling, and a huge amount of the population has everyday access to the Internet at home. The situation is parallel to trends other countries see in their online gambling – for example in Korea providers like BettingGround tell our reporters very similar facts about their budding industry.

Most black market Vietnamese gamblers at home are safe. The government currently only seriously looks for illegal casinos and gambling operations that are fully operating secretly on an illegal basis. The government does not have the resources to monitor or pursue individuals at home for online gambling. If you think about it, the slots providers are not in-country and can’t really be pursued by the government. It is simply not worth anyone’s resources.

The situation is similar to Nigeria, who has different laws but went on a legalization initiative before Vietnam. They are more progressive than Vietnam and have a large growing online betting industry.

PricewaterhouseCoopers, a major accounting and auditing firm, reported in 2018, that Nigeria was the second largest online betting market in Africa, with total gaming revenue of $58 million that year.

South Africa remains the continent’s largest market, with a total GGR gambling industry of around $2 billion and 54% internet penetration. Although online gambling is technically illegal in South Africa, companies can offer online betting services if you obtain a local license. In Nigeria, regardless of international accreditation, operators still need local approval to operate in the Nigerian market.

According to some analysis, the Nigerian population spends around $5.5 million per day on sports betting, with the average bet between $7 and $8. Some speculate that the annual turnover of the bookmaker could be around $1.9-2 billion. For comparison, the gross gambling revenue (GGY) in Great Britain was $19 billion in 2018, with more than 36.6 million online accounts at licensed UKGC sites contributing to this figure.

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Introducing The Rock Music Forum – A Friendly Rock Music Community

The Rock Music Forum is a friendly community forum where fans of rock music come together to talk about their favorite bands and all things rock music related. The forum is free and easy to join and we also cater for all the other music genres.

We have sections for big bands including Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Hawkwind. Pink Floyd are huge and influential band in the rock music genre and have been on the music scene for many decades with big selling albums like dark side of the moon, wish you were here and the wall.

Led Zeppelin are a blues based UK rock band who made it big in America. They are an album only band, refusing to release any tracks into the pop charts but all the albums that they released did go o number one in the album charts.

Hawkwind are a hugely influential space rock band first formed in the late sixties by a former busker called Dave Brock. There history is turbulent with numerous line up changes including big names like Lemmy who later went on to form Motorhead and Ginger Baker, the drummer from cream. They have released more than thirty studio albums over the years plus numerous live and compilation albums. Hawkwind are still playing live concerts to this day.

There is also a section on what is called progressive rock or prog rock for short which comprises mostly European bands whose musical roots do not lie in American blues or Country music. Bands that fit into this category include yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer Genesis Jethro Tull and King Crimson.

Finally there is a section dedicate to classic rock bands which includes rock bands that do not fit into any of the above categories. Big rock names like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, AC/DC and many others. there is also a category that caters for other types of music that do not fit the ‘rock’ genre as well as an ‘off topic’ sections where members can let off steam about subjects not related to rock music.