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A lyric is a set of verses and choruses that make up a complete song, It can also mean a set of words that make up a poem. A lyric usually uses a single speaker or performer who expresses their thoughts, emotions or other messaging. Lyrical poems on the other hand, which are often memorable for their rhythm, are also aesthetically pleasing to the ear and are easily put to music.

The word "lyric" derives originally rom the Greek word “lyre,” which is an instrument that was played while reading a poem. Lyrical poets histoirically demonstrated their specific moods and emotions through words designed to create a feeling. Such moods express a range of emotions including life, love, death, or other experiences of life.

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The Meaning of Enter Sandman, Metallica’s Ode to The Creepy

Simply written lyrics about the treachery of the subconscious world of sleep and dreams set against a heavy metal head-pounder, Enter Sandman projects a sense of foreboding, political and social breakdown, and a bit more than a hint of child abuse. It is one brilliantly creepy song.

The eerily light guitar opening, ominous enough, is swept away by the pounding tom-toms of Lars Ulrich’s drum kit as we are sent into a landslide of hallucinatory dimensions. When the repetitive underpinning rhythm guitar riff arrives, the listener has already careened far down something like a river of molten lava.

We are warned early on:

I tuck you in 
Warm within
Keep you free from sin
‘Til the sandman he comes

Early on we know this is not the benevolent Sandman of normal childhood bedtimes. Soon we know the full story that sends a chill down the spine.

Hush little baby don’t say a word 
And never mind that noise you heard
It’s just the beast under your bed
In your closet, in your head

Lyrics to Enter Sandman by Metallica

The triple wall of guitars is one of the peaks of heavy metal anthem rock. The guitars are as mad as the lyrics.

Due to the fact that it took the uncompromising band so long to emerge into super-stardom, Enter Sandman is really one of the most emblematic songs of the ‘80s sound. It just didn’t come out ‘til ’91. It makes the case for sticking to your creative guns.

The insinuation that the Sandman – the guy in pop culture who is nice enough to allow your eyes to close gently – is actually an agent of Satan is upsetting: upsetting enough to listen to the song over and over. Yet, yet… behind the recording is a slight archness, an insider’s nod and wink that Metallica is saying, “Isn’t this a grand goof?”

Depends on your state of mind. We needed a 25-minute version that could be listened to on a favored pharmaceutical in order to render final judgment.

Featured image of Metallica provided by DallasFletcher, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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Watch This? Our 2021 Ad Revenue Bought Us a Cheetah…Watch

We had what we consider a great year at Decade Lyrics! In our first full year of operations, we finished up the year with more money than we spent!

Our biggest expense as a lyrics and music website is content licensing – it’s how we are able to legally list the lyrics of 145,000+ songs from the 1950s to the present. Our hosting, technology and marketing expenses are optimized to a minimum due to the nature of our ownership. It is actually easy for the Decade Lyrics website to survive and expand with very little advertising and sponsorship income.

In our first partial year of operations, we had enough left over to put it into our SEO program in the first quarter of 2021. That investment paid off, as we saw a huge traffic increase in the latter parts of this year.

This year, we had enough left over to buy gifts for our regular contractors and some of the organizations we are trying to build partnerships with. We went with military-style watches by Cheetah. They look great and have an image of being really expensive, when most models are actually under $100 USD.

Why watches? Especially non-smart watches? We wanted a unique gift that was shiny and different. Not everyone even wears watches anymore due to their phone always being in their hands. We just needed a way to tell our contractors and upcoming new relationships that we had a ‘great time’ with them in 2021 and are looking forward to more valuable time together in the new year.

It seemed like a great idea when we bought the watches! We hope everyone loves them. We picked out Cheetah after reading about the watch manufacturer in this perfect men’s watches guide.

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Want To Sell Your Beats Online? A DecadeLyrics How-To Guide

Are you a great beats creator and want to sell your music online to others? You would be surprised how easy it is to get started selling beats on your own. This can be a great side hustle if you make the right decisions while you start to plan to sell beats online.

There are many online platforms that you can use to sell your beats once you have produced them. You need to understand out of the available online options which one will work best for your beats and help achieve your output, budget, and objectives.

You need to know essential things before you start selling your beats online, including licenses, beat store, the beats, email list, YouTube channels, SoundCloud, social media, and customers. All of these will help sell your beats faster and reach your goals faster.

Licensing, beat stores, Youtube channels, SoundCloud and other platforms are all examples of “outside” or “off-site” activities that can bring you customers for your beats. The other key thing to do is to create your own website for selling your beats; the website plays a key role for every successful beats seller.

The following are the main things you must consider for you to sell your beats online.

Join popular beats stores & networks

Many of the instrumental stores usually give software that will help live-stream the beat selling process for you. What you are required to have are the ready-made features. Next, you sign up, develop your profile for your beats selling, upload the beats for sale, and you will start selling the beats immediately after developing all these contents.

The leading beat stores famous for providing beat selling online include:

  • Beat Stars
  • Airbit
  • Soundee
  • Track train
  • X-Cart
  • Soundgine
  • Caketunes
  • ROC Battle
  • Beatwebsites
  • Soundclick.

It is essential to check the right store for your beats in terms of prices and packages and compare between them to find the right one to use in selling your beats online. Not all instrumental stores can fit your beat.

Develop a personal WordPress beats website

The development of the personal website is an important thing when you need to sell your products online. Setting up your own online music store can be challenging for those who lack technical knowledge. The easiest solution is to use wordpress theme for music producers. These themes are tailored for your needs and easy to set up.

You will need to use the website to gather contact information for your email marketing, tell your customers more about your brand and the process you have taken to make your beats.

A lot of time will be spent building up your website, but you need to have it. The reasons you need to build a website to sell your beats online are as follows. It will help in showing your level of professionalism and show the seriousness you have towards your craftwork. The building will help you control your work and brand and show how different buyers buy your beats online.

The website will give you the advantage of keeping the revenues you get from selling the beats online without paying the commission. The website will help in focusing your beats and you alone.

The website also will help you drive traffic to your beats through a search engine. Through the website, you will have the opportunity of growing and maintain your audience. Through this audience, it will be easy for you to come up with the leads.

Use online beats forums and communities

There are many forums where you can get other artists doing the same work as you, and you can compete to see your potential in work. Many people in the community need to buy beats and instruments. Through this, you can sell your products to people quickly and increase the number of your customers.

Sell your beats using SoundCloud.

Soundcloud is also another site where you can sell your beats online. The website has millions of fans who need to buy beats. By posting your beats on this platform, you can get customers who will buy the beats and instruments quickly, thus attracting potential leads.

Showcasing your beats on YouTube

YouTube is known to have over two million different users and over three million searches every month. This stat show makes it the second largest search engine on the internet. Content creators are using YouTube to increase their content fame. Initially, using this platform may be hard for you to sell your beats, but this is the best site to sell once you are famous. Selling beats on this platform will require you to start uploading videos to get viewers, thus attracting the audience to your beats. Your viewers will keep growing as you sell your beats.

Marketing your brand on social media

Billions of people worldwide use social media platforms to communicate with each other and search for what they need to know. Social media platforms also can be used to sell your beats since many people are looking for high-quality beats on these platforms. The secret is to avoid sharing low-quality beats but rather share high-quality beats to attract many customers to purchase your beats. It would help if you showed people what you do perfectly, shared your beat-making experience, and inspired them through different engagements.


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Marketing a Music & Lyrics Website – Plugging Holes in a Dam

We’re taking a break today from talking directly about music and it’s lyrics to focus in on the trials and tribulations of running a lyrics-themed music website spanning from 1940 to the present.

Want to hear us whine in 500 words of text? We don’t, either. Learn from our mistakes.

No, we’re not going to sit here and lament on this website still being in the incubation stage and not making any money. We knew what we were getting into when we decided to break into the lyrics directory business during Covid-19, so we won’t trouble you with that.

Instead, we’re going look at how things could have been different at our launch if we had focused and prioritized differently while we were planning, writing and building the website.

Since this was (and still is) a venture funded by sweat equity and getting our hands dirty, we were forced to make certain marketing decisions on our own without the help of paid specialists. This included decisions on how to structure the content on Decade Lyrics and how to properly set it up for search engine optimization. We knew from the beginning that our organic traffic would be our best traffic and the only traffic we could afford to chase on a consistent and strategic basis.

What would we do differently?

If we had a time machine like Barbra Streisand or Black Sabbath or Grand Funk Railroad, we’d have made our SEO decisions a little differently. Hell, even T-Pain has a time machine and could maybe give us a shot at starting over in the beginning again from an SEO standpoint.

As of today, we have over 16,000 pages indexed by the all-mighty Google. That’s a big number, and we’re sort of proud of it. Some of those 16,000 pages bring us traffic from search every single day.  Over time, those 16,000 pages may even produce some Google Adsense income. If we’re lucky.

With 16,000 pages indexed, why aren’t we thrilled? Those 16,000 pages contribute to producing just over 17,000 traffic per month, which is GREAT for a new-ish website.

Again, 16,000 Pages is Great, But What About The Others?

What do you mean, “The Others”? Here’s why we are always stressed about how we made our search marketing decisions two years ago.  We built a website with over 144,000 pages of Lyrics from the 1940s to the 2000s. It is all properly licensed and legally publishable lyrics text from thousands of famous US artists. We even add our own commentary to the pages to make it somewhat unique compared to other lyrics websites that we have seen.

With ONLY 16,000 pages indexed, we’re missing results on roughly 128,000 pages at!

How did we end up in this sad boat? We built a huge website like we’re supposed to, we added our own content, we actively blog, and blah blah blah. Here’s what others have told that we did not do upfront.

  1. We didn’t start with an SEO technical plan. We just made a site, then did our own basis optimization work ad-hoc after watching a few Youtube videos. Looking back, we were at the same level of expertise and used the same techniques that everyone else did who was building their first website. We just did it on a bigger scale due to the size of our website.
  2. In a sense, by just doing the basics of Do It Yourself SEO (and doing them somewhat poorly, I might add), we left a lot of opportunities on the table, and every single mistake we made in procedure or tactic was made worse when multiplied by the 144,000 pages.
  3. How could we let this happen? We got excited with making the website, watched a little too much Field of Dreams, and, like a lot of people, really thought “if we build it, they will come.”

Going back to the time machine, if we could do it over we would follow some properly organized SEO tips and how-to resources. There’s a large number of pretty solid checklists that make sure you won’t miss anything. We found this pre-launch SEO checklist useful from up in Canada.  This list was comprehensive and simplified some of the concepts down to something we could have probably executed back then. Highlight points include creating a keyword roadmap and how to analyze content and decide how to use it.

We also found something else that made us feel better about our own results and impatience with the results of our work. While going through that meaty checklist, we found something else useful. These thoughts on how long does SEO take create visible results made us feel a little better. It makes us feel better that SEO agencies have the same level of impatience that we have.  Either way, that article explains in an easy to understand way why things are taking so long.

The morale of the story is: never be happy with the results of your work when it comes to generating traffic for your website. There’s always more to be had and always more traffic needed.  Paying attention to the details can & will get you better results. The flip side of this is: Find satisfaction in the results you did get, so you can keep your enthusiasm and drive going. We’ll take our 16,000 indexed pages and we’re going to build upon it.

Hand photo created by jcomp –
Man photo created by wayhomestudio –

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Online Safety & Wellness When Dealing with Online Music

A good-sized portion of the online community contains content you probably do not want your young children seeing or interacting with. We agree here at Decade Lyrics that even a large portion of our famous lyrics database contains sentences, phrases, slang and straight-up profanity that you don’t want to hear coming out of your kids’ mouths.

We found some useful tips recently that can help you keep an eye on what your kids are doing online. The ironic part of it is that some of the advice comes from a very savvy and educational author who has focused on how to catch cheating spouses or monitor family members’ online activities through computers, phones and tablets on your home network.

Resources for online safety & wellness:

How to Keep Track of Family Members Online Activities: Online Safety & WellnessFelix Assivo

This article is a detailed summary on several tangible things you can do to track a family member online. The author gives very detailed advice, is extremely savvy with technology and gives you real tips you can do on your own if you are suspicious.

How to Catch a Cheater OnlineDavid Lee

The post above is also useful for those more concerned with their spouse than their childrens’ activities. The author covers real techniques as well as conceptual recommendations on how to catch your husband or wife cheating. He takes a more physical approach, even recommending placing a small GPS device on their vehicle, if you really suspect something and are going to take action in what may be a nasty divorce.

School photo created by cookie_studio –