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Profiling Caravan by Van Morrison, A 1970 Rock Great

Kot: Did you enjoy The Last Waltz? (the Band’s farewell concert in 1976, in which Clapton, Bob Dylan and a host of greats performed.) Clapton: I did, yeah. A fantastic event. I loved it. Kot: Was the music up to snuff? Clapton: For me, Muddy [Waters] and Van [Morrison] steal the show. Van doing Caravan […]

Featured Songs Song Profiles

Blogging About Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

On a good day, it makes you tap your toes and smile broadly. On great days it returns the wings of an eagle to ride as in times gone by. On quieter days, it brings a tear to your eye for all the things that were and might have been. Among standard, pedestrian ratings of […]

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