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When it comes to Online gambling, China has a long history. It is known as the country where some of the most popular games like Pai Gow and Keno originated. Since the Communist Party took control of the country in 1949, online gambling has become illegal, but the country’s gambling market is currently generating around […]

Gambling is legal and illegal in Nigeria, by type. Many agree that new laws are needed, as there is currently a lack of strict regulation and weak enforcement of existing legislation. Since there are no specific laws around online gambling, with the exception of the 2005 National Lottery Act, in theory, legislation regarding land betting […]

A Remarkable Journey From Boombayah to Ice Cream Are you wondering how Blackpink grew to become a big name? Blackpink, a group of four exceptional queens, revolutionized the perception of people the girl groups in KPOP via hard work and persistence. After 6 years of training at YG Entertainment, the Lovesick girls debuted on August […]

We found this website linking to some of our classic rock song lyrics, and found them to have great commentary on famous songs! Here’s excerpts from’s Culture section, which seems to have quite a hankering for classic rock.  We found four great reads about songs you’ll recognize if you’re a fan of American classic […]

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  • Beautiful Life ( July 29, 2022)
    “Beautiful Life” is a 1990s song about Las Vegas, partying, going to the casino and a whole bunch of other things.  It all makes up a beautiful life by singer Edwin Mccain. The song talks about an ongoing rowdy adventure. These days, you don’t need to go on a trip and fly to Las Vegas […]
  • Deja Vu ( July 19, 2022)
    Various members of the Bee Gees were very fond of addictive substances. The Gibb brothers each had their respective vices. Barry Gibb liked to smoke marijuana and also loved amphetamines. He would have loved how easy it is to get bubblers, concentrate pipes and accessories like grinders from Robin Gibb liked pills of various […]
  • Lady Luck ( July 16, 2022)
    If anything, Lady Luck by Kenny Loggins is a song about gambling. It starts out talking about playing at a craps table with lady luck on his side. The song appealed to listeners all over the world, and like a large number of 1970’s hits, the song has become popular internationally in non-English speaking countries. […]
  • The Gambler ( July 16, 2022)
    The original version of this song was released by Kenny Rogers in 1977, with “The Gambler” becoming his personal and professional trademark song until his death in 2018. In the early 1980’s, building upon his mainstream success as a country singer, Kenny Rogers acted as the lead role in a TV movie with the same […]
  • Sweet Jane by Lou Reed & Velvet Underground ( March 2, 2022)
    Most of all, Sweet Jane is a song about not giving up as life’s various transitions occur. This article on the meaning of Sweet Jane explains these transitions and how this is a song that you want to have played at your funeral. Standing on the corner, suitcase in my hand Jack is in his […]
  • Twist And Shout by The Beatles ( January 20, 2022)
    Did you know there are two versions of Twist and Shout that are completely different? The version that you (and The Beatles) know best is the song they collaborated on with The Isley Brothers. The “other version” was a song by The Top Notes with Phil Spector on the mixing and editing, all sponsored by […]
  • Ringtone ( January 19, 2022)
    The story behind Ringtone by R Kelly The song Ringtone appears as an international bonus track for the US, Japan, Canada, Australia, Russia and the UK, and as an iTunes bonus track on the R. Kelly album Double Up, released in 2007 by Jive Records and Zomba Label Group. The album has guest appearances and […]
  • Get Smashed Gate Crash by Hadouken! ( January 19, 2022)
    Get Smashed Gate Crash is a party song to its core. The music video for the song is based on a very similar style to Blink 182’s The Rock Show, where the band is given a bunch of cash to blow with their friends. The video documents the group going to 4 different pubs and […]
  • Enter Sandman by Metallica ( December 29, 2021)
    Enter Sandman was written by Metallica band members James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett and is a pretty transparent song that is not that full of metaphor. The song, its lyrics and its ominous music and beat are all about nightmares and the things that go bump in the night. Besides that, one of […]
  • 99 Biker Friends ( December 14, 2021)
    Such a big man, such a little chick. I think it all goes back to your tiny Pick-up truck in the driveway, With a sticker on the window “Rest in Peace Number 3”. Tell all your friends How you put her in her place. 7 pounds of makeup Just to hide her beat up face. […]
  • Biker Like An Icon ( December 14, 2021)
    There Was A Girl Who Loved A Biker She Used To Follow Him Across America But The Biker Didn’t Like Her. She Didn’t Care, She Still Persisted Though Her Brother Said She Was Twisted And The Family Said They Wouldn’t Miss Her Anyway. She Loved The Biker Like An Icon Gazing At His Picture Everyday. […]
  • Gypsy Biker ( December 14, 2021)
    The speculators made their money on the blood you shed Your momma’s pulled the sheets up off your bed Profiteers on Jhames Street sold your shoes and clothes Ain’t nobody talkin’ because everybody knows We pulled your cycle up back the garage and polished up the chrome* Our gypsy biker coming home Sister Mary sits […]
  • Master And Servant by Depeche Mode ( December 8, 2021)
    Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan performs with a high level of sexuality on almost every single Depeche Mode song, but Master and Servant takes the feeling to new heights. There is a direct theme of outright domination and submission with parallels drawn between power dynamics and everyday life. Dave Gahan’s Master and Servant waxes philosophically about […]
  • Rotten Apple ( November 24, 2021)
    Hey Ah Na Na Innocence is over Hey Ah Na Na Over Hey Ah Na Na Ignorance is spoken Hey Ah Na Na Spoken Hey Ah Na Na Confidence is broken Hey Ah Na Na Broken Hey Ah Na Na Sustenance is stolen Hey Ah Na Na Stolen Hey Ah Na Na Arrogance is potent […]
  • Pineapple Head ( November 24, 2021)
    Detective is flat No longer is always flat out Got the number of the getaway car Didn’t get very far As lucid as hell These images moving so fast Like a fever So close to the bone I don’t feel too well And if you choose To take that path I will play you like […]
  • Apple ( November 24, 2021)
    Hi, my name is Sean Daley and you might know me from such films as “I Can’t Sing, But Neither Can You.” Haha yea, heheheh what are you lookin’ at? Don’t look at me, don’t even talk to me Oh you rap too? Heheh I should’ve known I ca, I can tell. Nah, it’s in […]
  • Apple Of Your Daddy’s Eye ( November 24, 2021)
    I remember when you were born I felt like one lucky Son of a gun And when you turned into two I was so happy When you said I love you Held you in my arms so tight I’d never forget The best years of my life Apple of your daddy’s eye Wanna be the […]
  • Wonderwall by Oasis ( November 16, 2021)
    Wonderwall, a huge hit by Oasis in the 1990s, definitely belongs on a playlist of the most popular singalong songs. We’ve always found the actual sound of the song and vocals to be a little whiny sounding, which probably makes it so popular for singing along by both women and men. The lyrics to Wonderwall do […]
  • We Will Rock You by Queen ( November 16, 2021)
    Following an experience at a venue in the UK where fans chanted and sang the classic football anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone on their own after their performance, members of Queen wanted to come up with their own song that fans could sing, stomp or chant along with. What they noticed that night in the […]
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leopard ( November 16, 2021)
    The year was 1987. It was a simpler time. Glam rock bands didn’t put a lot of time into hiding metaphors in their music and lyrics. The lyrics to Pour Some Sugar on Me are about pretty much what every other glam rock band’s lyrics were about in the 1980’s, having sex. Pour Some Sugar […]

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