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Translating the Soulful Melodies: “Otro Atardecer” Lyrics in English


Music is the universal language that transcends borders, allowing us to connect with emotions and stories from different cultures. One such captivating composition is “Otro Atardecer”. Here, we will dive into the enchanting lyrics of “Otro Atardecer” and explore their English translation. Let’s unravel the beauty of this heartfelt song and discover the emotions it carries.


Verse 1:


Cuando el sol se va

Y la luna aparece en el mar

El viento suspira en mi piel

Me recuerda el ayer


(English translation)

When the sun goes down

And the moon appears in the sea

The wind sighs upon my skin

Reminding me of yesterday


The opening verse sets the scene, depicting the transition from day to night. It symbolizes the fleeting nature of time and how the protagonist reminisces about the past as the sun sets.




Otro atardecer, otro amanecer

Sueños que se van, sueños por volver

Otro atardecer, otro amanecer

En mis pensamientos siempre estás tú


(English translation)

Another sunset, another dawn

Dreams that fade away, dreams to return

Another sunset, another dawn

In my thoughts, you’re always there


The chorus captures the bittersweet essence of the song. It conveys a sense of longing and nostalgia, emphasizing the continuous cycle of life, dreams, and the lingering presence of a loved one in the singer’s thoughts.


Verse 2:


El mar susurra secretos sin fin

Las olas me hablan de ti

Mis lágrimas se funden con el mar

Pero el dolor no se va


(English translation)

The sea whispers endless secrets

The waves speak to me about you

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My tears blend with the sea

But the pain doesn’t go away


The second verse deepens the emotional aspect of the lyrics. It illustrates how nature becomes a medium for the protagonist to seek solace and find echoes of their beloved. Despite the tears and heartache, the pain remains, echoing the enduring impact of love and loss.




Tus huellas se borran en la arena

Pero el amor no se va con la marea

La luz de la luna sigue brillando

En cada noche, mi corazón te está llamando


(English translation)

Your footprints fade away in the sand

But love doesn’t wash away with the tide

The moonlight keeps shining

Every night, y heart is calling for you


The bridge section portrays the fading imprints of a lover in the sands of time. It emphasizes that while tangible reminders may vanish, love persists. The moonlight symbolizes hope and serves as a constant reminder of the singer’s yearning for their beloved.


Verse 3:


La noche cae y las estrellas aparecen

En cada una veo reflejada tu luz

El cielo me abraza con su manto oscuro

Pero mi alma sigue buscando tu amor


(English translation)

Night falls and the stars emerge

In each one, I see your light reflected

The sky embraces me with its dark cloak

But my soul keeps searching for your love


The third verse delves into the imagery of the night sky and the stars. It highlights the profound connection the protagonist feels with their loved one. Despite the darkness and longing, the singer’s soul remains steadfast in its quest for love.

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Bridge 2:


Las olas del mar llevan tus suspiros

El viento susurra tu nombre en mis oídos

Aunque el tiempo siga su eterno andar

Mi corazón nunca dejará de amar


(English translation)

The waves of the sea carry your sighs

The wind whispers your name in my ears

Even though time continues its eternal march

My heart will never cease to love


The second bridge section intensifies the emotional depth of the lyrics. It showcases the profound connection between the elements of nature and the memories of the loved one. The passage of time may be relentless, but the singer’s love remains unwavering and eternal.


Verse 4:


En cada puesta de sol, renace la esperanza

Que en tus brazos encontraré la bonanza

Aunque la distancia nos separe en la tierra

Mi amor por ti no conoce barrera


(English translation)

With every sunset, hope is reborn

That in your arms, I’ll find solace

Though distance may separate us on Earth

My love for you knows no barrier


The fourth verse emphasizes the power of hope and the unwavering love the protagonist holds for their beloved. The imagery of the sunset symbolizes the potential for a new beginning, where the singer’s longing for their loved one may find fulfillment.




Otro atardecer, otro amanecer

El tiempo se desvanece, pero tú prevaleces

Otro atardecer, otro amanecer

En la melodía de mi corazón te mereces


(English translation)

Another sunset, another dawn

Time fades away, but you endure

Another sunset, another dawn

In the melody of my heart, you deserve


The chorus reiterates the cyclical nature of life and the enduring presence of the loved one in the singer’s heart. It emphasizes the significance of their bond and acknowledges the eternal place they hold within the depths of the protagonist’s emotions.

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En cada verso de esta canción

Desnudo mi alma con pasión

Otro atardecer, otro amanecer

Eres mi eterna musa, mi razón de ser


(English translation)

In each verse of this song

I bare my soul with passion

Another sunset, another dawn

You are my eternal muse, my reason for being


The outro serves as a poignant conclusion to the song. It highlights the vulnerability and depth of the singer’s emotions as they express their devotion to their muse. The lyrics encapsulate the profound impact that the loved one has on the protagonist’s existence.



“Otro Atardecer” is a lyrical masterpiece that delves into the realms of love, longing, and the power of human connection. Through its expressive lyrics, it transports listeners to a world of emotions, transcending language barriers and resonating with hearts around the globe.

As we explore the translation of “Otro Atardecer” into English, we uncover the rich tapestry of emotions woven within its verses. It reminds us that music has the ability to touch our souls, regardless of the language in which it is sung.

So, the next time you immerse yourself in the mesmerizing melodies of “Otro Atardecer,” allow the lyrics to take you on a journey of emotions. Experience the universal themes of love, longing, and hope, and let the music connect you to the depths of human experience.