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Sex In Crazy Places

Released by Gucci Mane in 2009
From the Album: The State Vs. Radric Davis |

This version of Sex In Crazy Places was released by Gucci Mane in 2009.

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I appreciate a song that pushes boundaries and challenges societal norms. “Sex in Crazy Places” by Gucci Mane is one such song that has caught my attention with its boldness and raw sexuality.

Released in 2009, “Sex in Crazy Places” is a hip-hop track that explores the theme of sexual desire and the taboo nature of engaging in intimate acts in unconventional locations. The song’s explicit lyrics and Gucci Mane’s smooth flow set the tone for a sultry and provocative track that isn’t afraid to push the envelope.

Through his lyrics, Gucci Mane speaks candidly about the pleasures of sexual exploration and the excitement of breaking societal norms. He touches on themes of taboo and the thrill of risk-taking, all while maintaining a sense of confidence and swagger that is characteristic of the hip-hop genre.

“Sex in Crazy Places” is a bold and provocative track that is sure to turn up the heat. Gucci Mane’s boldness and unabashed approach to sexuality make the song a standout in the hip-hop genre, and a reminder that sometimes it’s okay to let go of societal constraints and explore the unknown.

As a music enthusiast, I recommend giving “Sex in Crazy Places” a listen. It is a provocative and daring track that is sure to raise some eyebrows.

Here’s the lyrics to “Sex in Crazy Places”:

I wanna do you at cho momma house,on the couch,
Do you in the bathroom or the air-o-plane.
Do you on a balcony, in the taxi,
Cause I can’t get enough of that thing
Say we can do it anywhere
(Crazy places)
I wanna freak you anywhere
We can do it anywhere
Crazy places,
I wanna freak you anywhere

Yo lets do it up in Disney in the magic kingdom
You can tug on my gissupes in my badgly mischka
I’m a b b b, I’m a bag of fun
I’m a pro with them balls like And 1
Now lets go, Mexico? thats where we next to go
Do it like his mama, make him eat his vegatables
Call me a stage mom, boy you best a blow
Or you can even call me wanda, cuz I’m red to go
You know I’m spoiled lil daddy, stomps the floor
We can do it in 5th ave in the department store
We can do it in tokyo we do it in taiwan
All my harajuku girls say I am they icon

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Don’t compare me to your ex mane,
baby he a local joker,
I’ll take you to six flags
& drill you on the roller coaster
call your girlfriends over we can have a sleepover
buy yo ass a jeep, so I can fuck you in the range rover
Pictures of her nude, On a crusie We gone make the news,
sex scrait, sex tape, ready for a youtube
Damn it turn me on, when we do it in your mama home
Father long gone but gucci can be your daddy baby
I can fly you anywhere, We can sex and crazy places,
Airport,Train station, going up the escalator,
At the dome, on the 50, I’m gon throw it, you the center
When you hike it, I’m a spike it,
Girl dont act like u dont like it.

How bad you wanna do me, on a scale of 1 to 10
You like the way I bend now you askin where I been,
If I’m doing him, Now you starting that again,
I dont want to sex your friend, He dont got enough to lend,
plus he was doing Lynn, and she aint nothing like amazing
Her stuff run deep, and he don’t have a occupation
I’m known across the nation, Trina’s that chick
Bow leg, red bone, long hair, real thick
do me at my mama house, nah I don’t think so
I go too much class but you can try to San Pedro
I need the biggest mansion, ocean back yard
with the newest Maybach, and inside a black card

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