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Introducing The Rock Music Forum – A Friendly Rock Music Community

The Rock Music Forum is a friendly community forum where fans of rock music come together to talk about their favorite bands and all things rock music related. The forum is free and easy to join and we also cater for all the other music genres.

We have sections for big bands including Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Hawkwind. Pink Floyd are huge and influential band in the rock music genre and have been on the music scene for many decades with big selling albums like dark side of the moon, wish you were here and the wall.

Led Zeppelin are a blues based UK rock band who made it big in America. They are an album only band, refusing to release any tracks into the pop charts but all the albums that they released did go o number one in the album charts.

Hawkwind are a hugely influential space rock band first formed in the late sixties by a former busker called Dave Brock. There history is turbulent with numerous line up changes including big names like Lemmy who later went on to form Motorhead and Ginger Baker, the drummer from cream. They have released more than thirty studio albums over the years plus numerous live and compilation albums. Hawkwind are still playing live concerts to this day.

There is also a section on what is called progressive rock or prog rock for short which comprises mostly European bands whose musical roots do not lie in American blues or Country music. Bands that fit into this category include yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer Genesis Jethro Tull and King Crimson.

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Finally there is a section dedicate to classic rock bands which includes rock bands that do not fit into Slot Gacor any of the above categories. Big rock names like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, AC/DC and many others. there is also a category that caters for other types of music that do not fit the ‘rock’ genre as well as an ‘off topic’ sections where members can let off steam about subjects not related to rock music.