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Casino Boogie

Released by The Rolling Stones in 1972
From the Album: Exile On Main St. |

This version of Casino Boogie was released by The Rolling Stones in 1972.

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Casino Boogie, a 1972 release by The Rolling Stones, mayyyyyyyyyyyyy be a little bit about gambling. The song features a chaos of almost incomprehensible lyrics that some say is done in the style of cut-ups. this is similar to the way that William Burroughs crafts his poetry.

Casino Boogie was recorded in the South of France at the villa that Keith Richards owned at the time. This early part of the 1970’s was when The Rolling Stones took a semi-sabbatical for the express reason of avoiding taxes in England. It was a time of a hedonistic lifestyle for the band, where they would sleep all day, go to Monte Carlo to the casinos, then work on their album and songs all night.

Nowadays, with the varying members of the Stones being in their 70’s, they’d be better served to get up super early, go for a walk, get some exercise and if they have to gamble, do it online at so they can avoid the stresses of travel and partying on their geriatric bodies.

No good, can’t speak, wound up, no sleep.
Sky diver insider her, skip rope, stunt flyer.
Wounded lover, got no time on hand.
One last cycle, thrill freak Uncle Sam.
Pause for bus’ness, hope you’ll understand.
Judge and jury walk out hand in hand.
Dietrich movies, close up boogies,
Kissing cunt in Cannes.
Grotesque music, million dollar sad.
Got no tactics, got no time on hand.
Left shoe shuffle, right shoe muffle,
Sinking in the sand.
Fade out freedom, steaming heat on,
Watch that hat in black.
Finger twitching, got no time on hand.

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About Lyrics and Casino Boogie by The Rolling Stones

The lyrics to Casino Boogie are just the words, phrases, verses and chorus that The Rolling Stones used when the song was created in 1972. The lyrics to Casino Boogie have both easy-to-spot meanings and hidden metaphors that have been discussed by the music press and fans, but only The Rolling Stones and any collaborators know all of the inspirations for the song.

If you like etymology or breaking apart phrases and words, it is easy to understand the lyrics to Casino Boogie by The Rolling Stones. The word "lyric" itself derives from the Latin word lyricus, with the actual English word lyrics applied to the definition "words set to music" listed in Stainer and Barrett's 1876 Dictionary of Musical Terms. Continuing the chain, the Latin word lyricus derives from the Greek word λυρικός or lyrikós. This somewhat means "poetry accompanied by the lyre" or "words set to music." You can easily see that by looking at the background of the word lyric, that the "lyrics to Casino Boogie" means the words set to the music of Casino Boogie, or poetry accompanied by the lyre played by The Rolling Stones. The singular form "lyric" is still used to mean the complete words to a song. However, the singular form lyric is also commonly used to refer to a specific line (or phrase) within a song's lyrics. Hence, by this analysis of word structure, you could say that the lyric to Casino Boogie and the lyrics to Casino Boogie are both one and the same thing. None of this talk about the word Lyrics is really relevant to fans of The Rolling Stones who came here looking just for the lyrics to Casino Boogie, but we feel it is still fun to learn what's behind commonly used words and lyrics in songs.

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