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Released by Motorhead in 1987
From the Album: Rock 'N' Roll |

This version of Boogeyman was released by Motorhead in 1987.

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You know everybody’s scared,
Everybody better beware
Scared of spiders, scared of rats,
Scared of being crossed by cats
Scared of everything that moves,
Scared of things with cloven hooves

I ain’t scared, live my life allright
I ain’t scared, to stand and fight
I ain’t scared, ‘cos I believe
Ain’t scared, to wear my heart on my sleeve
Ain’t scared to show my hands
But I’m scared of the boogeyman

You can’t boogie with the boogeyman,
You can’t boogie with the boogeyman,
You can’t boogie with the boogeyman,
You can’t boogie with the boogeyman,
Hold out any way you can,
But don’t mess with the boogeyman

He’s hiding underneath your bed,
He’s hiding inside your head
He’s hiding behind your eye
He be there until you die
Ridin’ shotgun in your new transam
Slide over for the boogeyman

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