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Watch Your Step

Released by Elvis Costello in 1981
From the Album: Trust |

This version of Watch Your Step was released by Elvis Costello in 1981.

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Don’t say a word
Don’t say anything
Don’t say a word
I’m not even listening
I read in the paper about their escape
They’re just two bit of kids from a bunch of sour grapes
You better watch your step
Watch who’s knocking on your front door
Now you know that they’re watching
What are you waiting for?
Think you’re young and original
Get out before…
They get to watch your step

Ev’ry day is full of fun
And family spies
They’re making heroes out of fall guys
They say it’s good for business
From Singapore to Widnes
You better watch your step

Broken noses hung up on the wall
Back slapping drinkers cheer the heavy weight brawl
So punch drunk they don’t understand at all
You better watch your step

Ev’ry night
Go out full of carnal (carnival) desires
End up in the closing time choirs

When you’re kicking in the car chrome
And you’re drinking down the Eau de Cologne
And you’re spitting out the Kodachrome
You better watch your step

I send you all my regards
You’re so tough
You’re so hard
Listen to the hammers falling in the breaker’s yard
You better watch your step
You better watch your step
Ooh, watch your step

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