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Green Lantern

Released by 50 Cent in 2002
From the Album: No Mercy, No Fear |

This version of Green Lantern was released by 50 Cent in 2002.

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50 Cent… Shady… Aftermath… the dream team
We gotta get the get well cards… niggaz is sick
Feel this… (non stop) …
Motion picture shit hahahaha

Now don’t think I won’t hit you cause I’m popular
I got a P-90 Reuger to pop at cha
Catch ya slippin’ i’ma give you what I got for ya
My clip loaded wit’ 16 shots for ya
Ever had a hot gun on your waist and blood on your shoes
‘Cause a nigga went and said the wrong shit to you
Homie you ain’t been through what I been through
You not like me and I’m not like you
I’m like a animal wit’ it when I spit it it’s crazy
Got semi-autos to put holes in niggaz tryna play me
One shot is not enough you need at least an Uzi to move me
After four bottles of Dom the kid start feelin’ woozy
I write my life you write what you seen in gangsta movies
I’m gangsta to the core nigga you can’t move me
I found my space at the top I got this rap shit locked
I never heard of you you heard of me I murder you
Spit shells through your convertible
Lowest you notice?
Rich or poor hollows still go through your door, this is war
You scared of me you not prepared for me the kid is back
50 Cent… I know you like that
Yeah, I know you like that

Green Lantern… Shady Records…
Anger Management Tour… homie…


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