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Smash On The First Night

Released by G-Dep in 2001
From the Album: Child Of The Ghetto |

This version of Smash On The First Night was released by G-Dep in 2001.

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Yo Boo, I ain’t tryin’ to be disrespectful or nothin’
Check, I wanna fuck on the first night
Word up boo
And that’s just me, I don’t know
Word up, you been patient
Talk to ’em, talk to ’em

See the thing about Dep (Yeah), I talk about sex (Uh, huh)
After small talk what we gon’ talk about next (Come on)
Some Moet, just to get ya mouth wet
Full of buzz, let me put the plug in the outlet, maybe
Maybe so, yes or no, shit I never stress a hoe
I let’s a hoe (Come on), if it ain’t possible, you got to go (Yeah)
Let the door knob hit ya, take the Moet witcha, shit ya
Picture perfect, ’til the bullshit surface (Come on)
Probably want me to purchase, but that shit ain’t worth it (Naw)
I wanna fuck for free, like Akanelli (Yeah), I got the tele
You got to tell me if you wit (You wit it), come on even Monica did it
When I meet you let me treat you like the chronic and hit it
Lay you on the bed, like you was a spread
And let you do what you do what that head
That’s when I said (Come on), yo boo

I wanna fuck on the first night (You wanna what)
You wanna hit it and run, I ain’t the one (Yeah let’s go)
I wanna fuck on the first night (Say what)
You wanna jump all on it, how bad you want it
(Stop screaming my name)
I wanna fuck on the first night
Put i all in my ribs, what you think this is, nigga
(I don’t know)
I wanna fuck on the first night
Yeah ok picture that, you ain’t ready for that
(Stop screaming my name)

I wanna, I wanna, you wanna

You wanna what, you don’t want a chick like me you wanna slut
Take in the cut, let you put it in my but
‘Til you, bust a nut on my com-for-ter, uh uh
That’s not gon’ happen, fuck if you rappin’ on starship captain
Yo, this nigga thinking he knocking, have me from the back
And get my booty to clap, I’m laughing, I find that funny (Yeah)
Did you see manikin, like I’m that dummy (Ha, ha, ha)
Stop the game, how y’all not the same (Uh uh)
Cracks and pain (Yeah), and then crack for brains (Come on)
Work that pussy out, like Jac-que-line
I know the plays, and that’s half the game
Brain tellin’ me no, body tellin’ me go (Yeah)
Shit I ain’t a hoe, whatcha tellin’ me yo (Listen girl)

It’s G-Dep on ya frequency (Yeah)
So when you hear wanna freak wit me (Bad Boy Baby)
And we could be the best of friends (Yeah, come on)
But if you ever stress again, guess again (What, ha)
Now we could bone bitch don’t pretend (Uh)
We came to fuck, now baby what’s up (Come on)
Yo clique is all corrupted (Let’s go), all suck dick
I don’t care who you fucked wit (That’s right)
Now we could do it at the flicks, I bust quick
Smashin’, hear the sound when the ass hit
Hit it from the back, make you call me a bastard
Goin’ out vivid, got my foot all pivot, I give it
How you give, talk it just how you live it (Yeah)
You can get along wit me (That’s right)
Fuck now you on wit me (Uh huh)
Maybe we could work somethin’ (Yeah)
Call ya boo maybe she could hurt somethin’ (Let’s go)
I’ll be, sure as Al B. (Uh), here take the house key (Uh)
Don’t start without me (Uh uh)
like money put it where ya mouth be (Yeah)
I’ma leave around three, I thing about me, is (G-Dep)

It’s just me I don’t know
It’s just how I get down
Come on, yeah
Tonight’s the night, tonight’s the night, tonight’s the night

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