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Hot Pants

Released by Soul Asylum in 1986
From the Album: Time's Incinerator |

This version of Hot Pants was released by Soul Asylum in 1986.

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Lyrics for Hot Pants

Okay, we’re ready. We’re ready. Is everybody ready?

C’mon Karl!

One, two, a-one, two, three, oww

Good God, hot pants

You and me, pretty pretty please

Ha, I can take it

I can’t take it, I’m smokin’
Good God

Ha, ha, I can’t take it
Good God

You got to use what you got
It’s just what you need
Said, you got to use everything you got
What you got you need

What you got
What you got

Whoa, whoa, whoa

Fuck, I’m smoking, I’m smokin’

C’mon baby

Hot pants

Good God, were smokin’

Hot pants baby

Can’t take it off

I’m on fire for your hot pants baby
I can’t take it off

One, three, and four

Okay baby

I can’t take it

I can’t hear you guys

Ooh, ooh, ooh

Ooh, Get a room baby

Let black girls go
Stop makin’ shit
That’s for sure
At least she can do James Brown
She can do any of you larger chicks
She was movin’ her feet, she was movin’ her hips
Hey look out, stop that bitch


Oh, Dave’s cord came out, whoa

We got a lot of percussion, baby
We got all kinds of percussion


Get her plugged in Dave, lets hear it go
It ain’t broken is it


Oh fuck

Lets see some percussion you guys, c’mon
Bring it on over there

Whip it to the roulette

Plug in

Good God baby
Good God baby

What am I gonna do

Man, those rely on our roulette ninj-a

We’ll catch up
One more time

Lets hear some good ‘ol, ahh shuck storm baby


Ooh, man you suck man

(Is he
Nah, man)

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