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Released by Carly Simon in 1983
From the Album: Hello Big Man |

This version of Orpheus was released by Carly Simon in 1983.

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Orpheus, it could have been
you could have held me again
You said your songs had all gone
And that the road back up was too long
But it was there for us
It was there for us
I loved you all along
The part of me that died
Was ready to be reborn
And you called of the hounds
Of hell with your songs
Orpheus, Orpheus
I loved you all along, Orpheus
Orpheus, It could have been
You could have held me again
But you couldn’t wait
Somewhere along the road
you lost your faith
Out of despair and believing
I was gone
You gave up on my love
you gave up on us
But it was there for us,
It was there for us
I loved you all along

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